A Certified-Organic Choice

A Certified-Organic ChoiceWhat exactly is a mattress retailer's function? There really should only be one - to satisfy the needs of the consumers coming into their store.
     With 80 million Organically-Preferenced American Households (OPAHs) demonstrating a preference for organic products, together with this "challenging" economy, now is the time to attract these buyers to your store by giving them an authentic certified-organic OMI mattress CHOICE.
     Will offering a certified-organic choice somehow diminish the value of your other lines? Retailers who have brought OMI onto their floor can attest that this simply is not the case.
     Recently David Perry wrote about a retailer in California, Get-A-Mattress, who takes the principle of giving consumers a CHOICE to new heights by carrying 174 different mattresses in their showroom. Their success speaks for itself, and they have given OMI a prominent position on their floor for years.
     In practice, OMI retailers do not sell our products by comparing them to other lines. They sell them to consumers who already embrace this lifestyle.
     Retailers in our industry have always responded positively to technical innovation, and often strive to be leaders in their markets by embracing new materials and construction methods. The time has come for retailers to embrace the psychological changes in consumer purchasing behavior as well.
     The organic market in America is closing in on $35 billion a year. Organics is not a fad, it is an established trend that is growing at about 20% a year.

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