IPO in future for Bob's Discount Furniture?

Website speculates on what Bain Capital will do

MANCHESTER, Conn. — Is Bain Capital's acquisition of Bob's Discount Furniture here the first step in a longer-term plan to take the Top 100 company public?

A Motley Fool story suggests that may be the exit strategy for the private equity firm in five to seven years, although it hasn't disclosed its plans since it announced earlier this week it would be acquiring a majority stake in the retailer.

Bain did not disclose the purchase price, but the Boston Globe called it a $350 million deal.

In the Motley Fool article, freelancer Gerelyn Terzo speculates that the acquisition is more about growth than rescuing a troubled company, but also warns that the retailer should be careful to avoid becoming saddled with debt like some of Bain's other investments.

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