Seahawk hosting silent auction

Las Vegas - Seahawk Designs is hosting a silent auction of its Jewel sleep system here that will benefit the City of Hope.
     The Riverside, Calif.-basedcompany, which shows in WorldMarket Center B-970, said theproceeds from the auction will bedonated to the City of Hope andthe winner of the auction willreceive the Jewel sleep system,complete with a 14-inch memoryfoam mattress provided by ClassicBrands.
     Bidding will begin on Sunday,Jan. 26, at $250 and will closeon the final day of market. Thewinner of the Jewel and the totalamount raised will be announcedin February.
     "Seahawk has always been abig supporter of the City of HopeFoundation and we wanted todo something to help bring ourindustry together at market foran important and good cause,"said Seahawk Designs CEOWilliam Jahn. "We all havefamily and friends whose liveshave been affected by cancer andother diseases and I'm proud tobe part of the effort along withCity of Hope to bring aboutpromising scientific discoveriesthat will help patients to beatthese illnesses. Attendees thatstop by our showroom will beable to sign up for the auctionand place their bids at a podiumthat will be in front of the Jeweldisplay, which will be the centerof our space."

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