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Tier twos setmarket debuts

Las Vegas - Tier Two bedding producers are aiming to stand out at the bedding-rich Las Vegas Market with a variety of new lines. Their introductions include adjustable beds, organic mattresses and extra-sturdy foundations.
     W. Silver Products is introducinga line of adjustable beds thatwill be assembled in the U.S. Thee-Series introductions include"good," "better" and "best" adjustablebases.
     "We continue our partnershipwith Ergo motion by marketingand distributing this new e-Seriesline of assembled in the U.S. adjustablebeds to our furniture store andsleep shop channel ofdistribution," said Brent Polunsky, bedding support sales manager for W. Silver Products.
     Retails for the adjustable bases,which include a variety of features,range from $799 to $1,699.
     "The addition of Ergomotionadjustable beds to our productofferings continues to expand ouroffering by permitting W. SilverProducts to be a single source formattress and bedding retailers,"Polunsky said.
     Forever Foundations is showingsteel frame foundations forplus-size mattress consumers, a"growing" market, officials said.
     "The plus-size mattress is agrowing market segment in themattress industry as is the plus-sizemarket in fashion, furniture andother industries," said DennisRodgers, president of ForeverFoundations. "Americans are justgetting bigger, taller and larger."
     The company is introducing itsFoundation Plus and FoundationMax-Plus steel-frame foundationsfor those larger consumers.
     New organic mattresses are beingshown by Naturepedic, whichis introducing a line of organicmattresses that meet the SpecialtySleep Assn.'s Level IV organic criteria.Those are the first products tomeet that new standard, companyofficials said.
     The Naturepedic certifiedorganic mattresses are made withcertified organic cotton fabrics, certifiedorganic cotton filling, certifiedorganic wool, certified organiclatex, and certified organic cottonencased coils, the company said.All mattresses are fully certified tothe Global Organic Textile Standardor the Global Organic LatexStandard, officials said.
     New Las Vegas exhibitorRoyrack Co. is showing its Select-A-Mat, a mattress display andstorage system for retailers.
     "Our display system will allowmattress retailers to dramaticallyincrease the number of mattresseson the showroom floor without increasingsquare footage," said RoyKonrath, president. "This will freespace for other profitable lines likefoam mattresses and adjustablebases. Now companies that havealways wanted to sell mattresses,but didn't think they had enoughspace, can get into the profitablemattress business."
     W. Silver Products, ForeverFoundations, Naturepedic andRoyrack all show in the SpecialtySleep Assn. showroom, WorldMarket Center C-1565.
     Emerald Sleep Systems, showingin World Market CenterB-1350, is adding hybrids to itsCool Jewel line of gel mattresses,toppers and pillows. The newhybrids feature ReAct latex foaminfused with gel, and individuallywrapped coils. Retails range from$799 to $1,099.
     "All recent reports indicate agrowing consumer appetite andmarket for hybrids and we arehappy to bring our customers thebeds their customers want," saidJoe Carman V, general manager ofEmerald Sleep Systems.
     Also aiming to stand out inLas Vegas is Innovative Standards,which is showing its Amazing Bedin the Ergo Bedroom showroom,World Market Center A-219. Thebed is a massage bed that incorporatesdeep tissue massage into amemory foam mattress.
     "This new Amazing Bed isnothing like retailers and consumersexpect," said Chris Spies, acompany spokesman. "We spentyears developing it to offer bothmaximum comfort and full massagecapabilities. People who tryout the bed agreed that you reallyhave to try the Amazing Bed tofully understand just how uniquethe experience is."

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