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Job Posting for Python/Django Developer

Position: Python/Django Developer Description:

This position is an intermediate Python/Django Developer position with opportunity for growth and will focus heavily on Python/Django development with a heavy emphasis on a team-based work environment, and aggressive timelines. We work in a fast-paced, aggressive, and high-pressure environment so this team member must be self-driven and self-managed.

• Develop and maintain high-quality Python/Django applications.
• Provide technical details for outlining development efforts with aggressive and accurate estimates.
• Implement the latest web technologies within the confines of the Python/Django architecture and in accordance with industry and in-house coding standards and specifications.
• Act as our Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud administrator.

• Respond to clients in a timely, friendly and knowledgeable manner, with a clear understanding of the business needs.
• Effectively communicate with a technical development team.
• Work efficiently to accomplish assigned tasks within an appropriate and aggressively estimated turnaround time with a high level of quality.
• Document all new development and code changes for developers (technical documentation) as well as clients (functional documentation).
• Read and analyze architectural approach documents and translate into specific development tasks and estimated timelines.

Experience / Technical Knowledge
• 4-year degree in Computer Science or Information Systems, or equivalent industry experience.
• Strong business acumen with proven ability to understand and interpret customer development needs.
• Intermediate level knowledge of web development with recent focus on Python and the Django framework, including:
• Work within the Linux command shell:
• Write and execute Linux shell scripts.
• Manage environment variables and basic system configurations.
• Locate and process system log files.
• Ability to setup, configure, and maintain Apache web server:
• Read, write, and implement Apache rewrites.
• Configure Virtual Hosts with directory aliases.

• Work within Django or a similar ORM framework, including the following tasks:
• Create and maintain data models;
• High-performing views;
• Intelligent caching;
• Template creation and maintenance; and
• Standards-compliant output.
• Ability to work within a PostgreSQL database environment:
• Understand keys and indexing (when to implement or not, how to utilize efficiently, etc.).
• Write and execute PostgreSQL queries (intermediate level, proper application of JOINs, etc.).
• Intermediate knowledge of JavaScript, specifically jQuery with emphasis on AJAX.
• Intermediate knowledge of CSS:
• Selectors.
• Cross-browser compatibility.
• Image sprites.
• Previous experience with source control (preferably a DVCS such as GIT) including branching, merging, and conflict resolution.
• Advanced knowledge of HTML/CSS including HTML5, CSS3, SEO standards, W3C and be XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant web standards.
• Experience with Amazon Web Services.

• Experience with object-oriented PHP CMS applications (ability to modify an existing application).
• Experience with Microsoft ASP/.NET (ability to modify an existing application).
• Experience with MySQL (ability to set up instance to support existing applications).
• Experience with MSSQL (ability to set up instance to support existing applications).
• Experience with C (specifically sockets, client/server applications, and processing XML documents).
• Advanced Python, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery) development.

The ideal candidate has previous experience working as a team in an aggressive corporate environment using the Django framework to develop an enterprise CMS application. The ideal candidate has a strong ability to solve problems and manage multiple tasks in an acceptable, high quality, effective, and efficient manner within minimal direction.


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