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  • David Perry

Colonial unveils new marketing solutions

Colonial LLC’sColonial LLC’s Wes Keever, left, and Mark Hobson show a new headboard display the company is introducing.
Las Vegas - Branding and display company Colonial LLC is taking its marketing to new heights with a new line of point-of-purchase headboards. And it hopes to savor the sweet smell of success with a new scent marketing program.
    Both programs are designedto help retailers elevate theirsenses and boost sales, the companysaid.
Mark Hobson, the beddingveteran who is president of HighPoint-based Colonial, said thenew programs were created tohelp the company's customerssell more beds by shaping theconsumer's mattress-shoppingexperience. They are intendedto drive consumers to specificbrands and help elevate mattresssales, Hobson said.
     He and Wes Keever, Colonial'sexecutive vice president ofsales, will be introducing beddingcompanies to the programs atthis month's Las Vegas Markethere in their visits with show attendees.
    Display headboards havebeen an important element on retailfloors in recent years, helpingbeds stand out on those floors,Hobson said. He said Colonial'sresearch and development teamrecognized that many of thoseheadboards are "beautiful butexpensively constructed," anddesigned to stay on the sales floor for long periods of time.

     Colonial has developed a cost-effective solution for manufacturers and retailers that want to make an impact with headboards, but aren't prepared to invest as much as the expensive headboards require, Hobson said.
Colonial has teamed up witha national display company foran exclusive partnership to providethe new line of headboards.
     "Using state-of-the-artdesigns and cost-engineeredmaterials, these displays featureeye-catching graphics and optionalupgrades such as layering,contouring and even LED lighting,"Hobson said. "The newprogram is a cost-effective wayto make a mattress collectionmore competitive and stand outon the retail floor, with the pricesstarting between $100 and $125per display."
     In contrast, some headboardson mattress store floors todaycost more than $1,000, he said.
     The scent marketing program,which is patent pending,takes Colonial into a relativelynew arena in the mattress industry.Scent marketing, or aromamarketing as it is sometimescalled, is a multimillion-dollarbusiness and is being successfullyemployed by a number ofretailers, casinos and cruise lines,Hobson said.
     Colonial is offering aromaticsachets to its customers that canbe incorporated into the pillowshams on display beds. Thescents, which include lavender,sandalwood, Mandarin, eucalyptusand jasmine, create "a relaxingenvironment" for rest-testingmattresses and could create a"signature aroma" associatedwith a specific mattress collectionor brand, Hobson said.
     "Scent is one of the strongestsenses, with the ability to conveycertain emotions and memoriesand also shape perception," headded. "Such a unique marketingapproach goes beyond the traditional,visual displays to enhancethe consumer shopping environment,while reducing stress andpotentially leading to more sales."
     Scent has been proven to increaseconsumers' "dwell time"with a product at retail, and toboost the average amount consumersspend, Hobson said. Theprice for providing the aromasachets is less than $7 per bed,thus offering manufacturers andretailers a "truly affordable way"for them to market their products,he said.


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