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Therapedic says new line solves heat issue

Las Vegas - Top 10 bedding producer Therapedic says it has solved the issue of sleeping hot on foam beds with its introduction of the EcoGel² line.
     The new gel-on-gel designprovides relief from the heat associatedwith other gel beddinglines, according to the Princeton,N.J.-based producer, whichshows in World Market CenterB-822.
     Building on last year's successfullaunch of EcoGel, the newseries features a layer of coolinggel in the shape of the company'sproprietary HourGlass BackSupport System fused atop gel"swirled" memory foam to createa gel-on-gel foam mattress -the first of its kind, the producersays.
     "We are always looking toenhance our product line, so afterseeing tremendous success withour EcoGel collection, we immediatelybegan developing thestep-up to that line," said TherapedicPresident and CEO GerryBorreggine. "We know that gelsleep products are still a populartrend so we used an innovativegel overlay as the HourGlassBack Support feature fused ontop of our ventilated, swirled gelmemory foam to provide an evengreater cooling effect."
     He added: "As a point of differentiation,this series marks thefirst time a mattress will featurea gel-on-gel foam layer. We areconfident it will be a huge sellingpoint for our dealers because‘sleeping hot' is a consumer'sbiggest issue with memory foammattresses. The EcoGel² line givesconsumers the best and most affordableoption to combat thisproblem."
     The collection's gel memoryfoam core is a made using a prepolymerthat is "swirled" intothe foam compound, giving theproduct better adherence to thefoam, officials said. For the firsttime, Therapedic will feature itshourglass design made from asolid layer of gel, which providesboth cooling benefits and supportfor key areas of the body.The beds use DynaFlow CoolingFabric for enhanced breathabilityand cooling benefits. The suggestedretails for the collectionrange from $999 to $2,999.
     This market also marks theVegas debut of the Oceanic, anew top model in the company'sfirst gel-latex collection, Buoyancy.Like the other mattressesin the series, Oceanic, retailing at$2,999, features two of the mostpopular materials in the beddingindustry - latex and gel - withan additional high-tech foamlayer that provides 55% more"bounce" and support than otherfoams, the company said.
     "Response to the entire BuoyancyCollection has beenoverwhelmingly positive because it meets the demand for mattresses that combine the cooling benefits of gel and the comfort of latex, an important trend in the specialty sleep category," Borreggine said. "Our new Oceanic model goes one step further, incorporating one of the most innovative foams on the market to provide an even more comfortable and cooler sleep experience."
     Therapedic is also showingthree additions to its MemoryTouch Collection, designed towiden a retailer's price point rangefor domestically manufacturedvisco memory foam and gel infusedfoam mattresses, at retails below$1,000.
     "Therapedic is known withinthe industry as the number onebrand alternative," Borreggine said."Simply put, we are nimble enoughto provide retailers with productsthat will give them an edge overtheir competitors - including theChinese imports.
     ‘The new additions to ourpopular Memory Touch collectionwill help retailers introduce viscomemory foam and gel-infusedfoam mattresses to consumerslooking for value products. As gelmemory foam offerings continue tobe a growing part of the specialtysleep category, we recognized thatwe could successfully bring promotionallypriced American-mademattresses - built with high-qualitymaterials - to market."
     Retails for the new modelsrange from $599 to $999.

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