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Magowitz event raises more than $500,000

TGen FoundationKarl, left, and Cathi Glassman, Leggett & Platt; Erin Massey, TGen Foundation; Bridget and Mark Quinn, Leggett & Platt.
Phoenix - The 11th edition of the Seena Magowitz Golf & Spa weekend here was attended by more than 400 participants, including mattress producers, retailers and suppliers.
     The participants included 200 golfers who are helping the Seena Magowitz Foundation to raise more than $500,000 for the Translational Genomics Research Institute, a world-class facility leading the fight to find a cure for pancreatic cancer, officials said.
     The charity tournament at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa last month was sponsored by the foundation, which helps fund TGen's effort to eradicate pancreatic cancer, the nation's fourth leading cause of cancer death.
Susan Burdge and SteveSteve, left, and Susan Burdge and Steve and Kelly Stagner, all with Mattress Firm, Houston

     In the coming year, TGen's Physician-in-chief Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, a regular speaker at the Magowitz event, has made it a priority to identify a way to detect pancreatic cancer in its early stages. Because there is no method of early diagnosis, patients are often in the late stages of this aggressive disease by the time it is discovered.
     "This makes it more challenging to treat, even with new and more effective drugs," Von Hoff said in a message to tournament participants. He said that with the help of the Seena Magowitz Foundation there were "considerable advances" made in the past year in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, including:
Alyssa BonaguraTim Oakhill, left, Mattress Firm, Houston; Mark Quinn, Leggett & Platt; musician Alyssa Bonagura; Roger Magowitz and Steve Fendrich, both with Mattress Firm, Houston.

     ■ TGen's continuing discoveries about the mechanisms of pancreatic cancer through the work of its Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) Pancreatic Cancer Dream Team.
     ■ TGen's new clinical trial on a drug derived from a plant known as "Thunder God vine," a root used in traditional Chinese medicine. Pre-clinical studies showed that a pharmaceutical version of the active ingredient in Thunder God proved effective against pancreatic cancer cells.
     ■ Recent approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the use of nab-paclitaxel (also known as Abraxane) in combination with gemcitabine as a front-line therapy for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. In clinical trials supervised by TGen, this drug combination produced a 127% increase in average survival, a 59% increase in patients surviving at least one year, and a 222% increase in patients surviving at least two years, officials said.
Mark QuinnMark Quinn, left, Leggett & Platt, and Russell Sanna, Harvard Medical School.

     The nab-paclitaxel clinical trials were funded in part by the Seena Magowitz Foundation.
     "The progress against this disease during 2013 has been nothing short of phenomenal," said Roger Magowitz, president of the foundation, which he founded in honor of is mother, Seena, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2001. "Along with another successful golf tournament, it is our hope that even more progress will be made in 2014, including a method of early detection."
     Karl Glassman, president of Leggett & Platt, was once again this year's tournament honorary chairman. He lost his mother to breast cancer and a close friend to pancreatic cancer, and was among the featured speakers at the awards luncheon that followed the golf tournament.
Nelson BercierNelson Bercier, left, Sit ‘n Sleep, Gardena, Calif., and Lance Ellman, Sherwood Bedding.

     "If we continue working together in a hard-fought campaign to curb this brutal disease, I'm confident that our efforts will make a life-changing difference," Glassman said.
     Dr. Ron Korn, founder and CEO of Imaging Endpoints, also was a featured speaker at the luncheon.
     "The Seena Magowitz Foundation provides national leadership and key funding for TGen's pancreatic cancer research initiative, and thanks to their tireless volunteer efforts, companies like Leggett & Platt and Mattress Firm have involved the home furnishings industry in this historic effort to end pancreatic cancer," said Michael Bass off, president of the nonprofit TGen Foundation.
     Tournament sponsors included Leggett & Platt, Mattress Firm, Sleep Inc., Sealy, Serta, the Michael Fux Foundation, Comfort Revolution, Protect-A-Bed, Simmons, Ellman Family Vineyards, Customatic Adjustable Bedz, Arizona Diamondbacks, La Porte Wealth Strategies Group, Morley Cos., General Wholesale Beer Co., Tempur-Pedic, Knickerbocker, Wesley Allen, Francomano & Francomano, Back To Bed, Bedding Experts, Fabrictech, Glidea way, Outlast, Englander, Donovan's Steakhouse, Dream Fit, TMGI, Subia Creative, Ameriprise, Springs Creative, King Koil and Sleep Train.

Craig McAndrews
Craig McAndre Craig McAndrews ws, left, Mattress Firm, Houston, with industry veteran Bob Hellyer.
Karl Glassman, left, Karl Glassman Leggett & Platt; musician Jesse McGuire, and Roger Magowitz, Mattress Firm, Houston

Karl Glassman

 Doug Krinsky

Doug Krinsky, left, Restonic; Lou Paige, Wright Global Graphic Solutions; Brent Limer and Rick Anthony, both with HSM.

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