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E.S. Kluft bedding caters to expensive taste

Las Vegas - E.S. Kluft & Co.is introducing what it bills as themost expensive American-madesleep system on the market. Thecustomizable luxury sleep system,which includes a tufted upholsteredheadboard and divan and a hand stitchedmattress, will retail for$60,000 in king.
     Kluft calls the sleep systemGrande Nuit à Paris - Nightin Paris. It is designed to be ashowpiece on retail floors and inthe master bedrooms of affluentconsumers.
    Presenting the product in thesame fashion as the Europeans,the Grande Nuit à Paris marksthe first time E.S. Kluft & Co. isintroducing a matching headboard,upholstered foundation, and anultra-luxury mattress as a completeset. Each part of the sleep system- the headboard, legs and divan- can be customized to fit thelook and décor of any room, thecompany said.
     "Today's luxury consumer islooking for more than high qualitymaterials and comfort fromtheir sleep system," said Earl Kluft,president and CEO of E.S. Kluft."They know that the mattress isthe center of the master suite andit should look as good as it feels.The Grande Nuit à Paris is perfectfor showcasing our beds from thebottom up - at home and onthe showroom floor. Each handcrafted,upholstered headboardand divan is the work of veryskilled artisans. The beauty of thefabrics used will instantly capturethe attention of any luxury consumer.We believe that when pairedwith the new model or other E.S.Kluft & Co. beds, the new collectionwill strengthen sales tickets forour retail partners."
     The luxury textiles and fabricselections used to make the headboardand divan include a wide varietyof colors and are woven fromthe finest natural fibers includinga choice of 100% silk, wool orlinen, the company said. The handstitchedmattress is upholsteredwith a Belgian jacquard damaskmade of cashmere, silk, Merinowool, and mercerized cotton.
     The mattress features abundantlayers of natural cashmere, wool,and Talalay latex, along withbreathable certified organic cottonand New Zealand Joma wool thathelp prevent heat and moisturebuildup. Below, a thick layer ofDanish horsehair, encapsulatedin cotton down proof fabric andtufted, is placed atop thousands ofhand-sewn English springs encasedin calico cotton to minimize motiontransfer and provide support.
     Each mattress is hand-tuftedwith extra gussets and hand-sidestitchedto secure the inner layersof upholstery and enhance the performancefrom edge to edge, thecompany said.
     The hand-tufted and handstrappeddivan combines thestrength of slow-grown Scandinavianspruce, with body-responsivedual level coils, coir fiber fabric,and a generous filling of purestaple cotton. Each is constructedwith nested calico cotton individuallywrapped springs, which aremounted over jute sprung heavyweight coils on a solid timberframe, officials said.
     The divan frame is coveredwith insulating wadding and tickingor upholstery fabric. The collection'smatching headboards arehand-crafted.
     The headboard and divan canalso be used with other E.S. Kluftand ultra-premium Aireloom models,the company said.

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