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Therapedic launches enhanced social media strategy

Aimed at boosting brand, product awareness

PRINCETON, N.J. — Top 10 bedding producer Therapedic International has launched a coordinated, adaptive social and new media strategy to increase brand and product awareness with industry experts and consumers online, the company announced.

 Therapedic’s new media strategy includes a stepped-up presence with added content on Facebook, via the page shown here, and Twitter.Therapedic’s new media strategy includes a stepped-up presence with added content on Facebook, via the page shown here, and Twitter.

The campaign was designed to increase the company's clout with digital consumers and social media users, as well as increase traffic across social media platforms.

Posts created as part of the initiative will highlight company products, offer insight and shed light on sleep issues, drive and direct conversation, and foster a community centered on the brand's goals and products, officials said.

Therapedic has developed monthly social media content that will include late-night sleep facts, called "#TwilightTalk," "Sleepyhead of the Week" posts, organized contests, information on insomnia from sleep expert Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs, and "#SnoozeReports" on current issues. The brand intends to share timely and relevant content, media coverage, images and more - all designed to boost connections, facilitate conversation and drive key messaging, the company said.

"In this digital and mobile society, it is our belief that an active voice and persona on social and digital media is not only imperative to business growth, but an extremely effective way to communicate with our consumers and industry partners," said Therapedic President and CEO Gerry Borreggine.

"When consumers can't sleep or have moments of downtime, they're no longer just turning on the television - they're going online and browsing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter from their smartphones and tablets," he said. "Consumers are staying connected, so we are seizing the opportunity to connect them with our brand and products through engaging content and information, on their terms, whenever they may be searching for it."

Each month, posts and content will be molded to reflect themes designed to creatively and effectively disseminate key messages, all under the umbrella of a fresh, unifying topic. It is anticipated that these monthly subjects will work to draw in and maintain followers, which will be tracked and monitored using analytic tools and programs.

Planned themes include February's "Love Your Sleep" campaign, set to include posts about issues faced by sharing a bed, the impact of poor sleep on relationships, and more. Additionally, plans are being made to develop and implement similar strategies and branded content for Pinterest and Instagram, where the company will have the opportunity to continue to share product photos, information and branded content.

Since the inception of the outreach program earlier this year, Therapedic has seen a spike in connections as well as immediate growth in conversation, interaction and participation from consumers and friends of Therapedic on Twitter and Facebook, the company said. The development of a Twitter account has also given the brand the opportunity to connect with key influencers within the industry and among consumers.

Therapedic International is on Facebook at It can be contacted on Twitter by searching @Therapedic or visit

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