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Smart debut for ComforPedic iQ

Lorie SilvaLorie Silva, Jordan’s, Boston, and Mark Owen, Simmons.
Las Vegas - Simmons put a lot of brain power into its ComforPedic iQ launch here.
     The company hosted a lavish dealer party inside the swirling metal curves of the Cleveland Clinic's Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health here, hosting almost 300 of its retailers and showing off its new ComforPedic iQ mattress, a "smart" mattress design that self-adjusts to each sleeper.
     The featured speaker was Dr. Andrew Weil, a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, who is endorsing the ComforPedic iQ line. He said the product is the first and only mattress he has endorsed "because I believe the Smart Response technology provides a practical and effective sleep solution."
     The design utilizes 16 Smart Response foam chambers that automatically calibrate to each individual's body weight and sleep position - without motors, buttons, plugs or electronics, Simmons said.
     In his after-dinner speech, Weil described ComforPedic iQ as "truly a revolution in sleep technology and mattresses." And h
Scott SmallingScott Smalling, Simmons, with a robot performer.
e offered this assessment of sleeping on his ComforPedic iQ mattress: "It feels like it embraces you. It is very welcoming. The next thing I knew, I was waking up" the next morning.
     Weil also said he hopes that the ComforPedic iQ line can give the mattress industry a stronger voice in talking about better sleep.
     Simmons President Tony Smith described the ComforPedic iQ line as "revolutionary and transforming," and added: "We really believe it will change the way we sleep."
     When Jeff Willard, executive vice president of marketing, introduced "The Bedroom of the Future," a curtain dropped and the audience was treated to an acrobat show, with a couple executing a variety of moves on, over and around a ComforPedic iQ sleep set.
     The setting for the launch - a stainless steel structure designed by noted architect Frank Gehry - was chosen to call attention to the smart attributes of the ComforPedic iQ design, officials said. The Lou Ruvo Center is a medical center dedicated to the pursuit of more effective treatments for brain diseases. It is across the street from the World Market Center but had not previously hosted a market event of this nature.

Brian Baxter, left, Sleep Train, Citrus Heights, Calif.; Jeff Willard, Simmons; Dale Carlsen, Sleep Train; Dr. Andrew Weil; and Rob Killgore, Sleep Train.
Brian Baxter
Las Vegas MarketAcrobats at a Las Vegas Market event perform over a futuristic bedroom display that features a Simmons ComforPedic iQ sleep set.
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