PureCare launches pillow line

Retail Editor 4, February 5, 2014

Sean BergmanSean Bergman stands with a display of products in the PureCare line.
Fairfield, N.J. - PureCare, the new corporate name for Fabrictech International, is launching a proprietary pillow line that combines three components and offers consumers a choice of firmer or softer sides.
     Called PureCare One, the pillows feature round tubes or bolsters of latex, memory foam or gel memory foam that straddle a lower center section made from synthetic down. Carrying the tag line, "Three pieces. One dream," the pillows are designed to provide comfort and support tied to the curvatures of the sleeper's head, neck and spine.
     The line, offered in four-inch low-profile and five-inch high-profile designs, was introduced at the Las Vegas Market last week.
     The pillows were designed by Tanya Hawkins, the product manager for an e-commerce site who was frustrated that she couldn't find comfortable pillows for herself. She spent a year developing the line. PureCare has patented the three-piece interior inside the pillows, which is designed to promote a free flow of air and thus provide a cooler night of sleep, the company said.
     The round tubes on either side of the pillows are called "Dual Silhouette Supports" and offer "a unique blend of comfort and support," said Sean Bergman, chief marketing officer for PureCare. On each pillow, one of the foam tubes is firmer and the one on the other side of the pillow is softer, giving consumers a choice of sleeping comfort.
     The center of the pillow is called the "Soul Center," and it is filled with a synthetic down alternative which the company is calling "Identically Down." It is designed to provide the comfort of down without the drawback of down allergens. The soft center section of the pillows conforms to the curvatures of the Silhouette Supports, Bergman said.
     All three elements are contained inside the pillow and are tucked securely inside a silver-treated cover whose silver ions are designed to suppress the reproduction of dust mites and other allergens, locate and "deactivate" bacteria, and virtually eliminate odors, according to Bergman.
     "Never before has a pillow collection dared to defy convention quite like One," he said. "Utilizing our patented three-piece system of contouring components, each PureCare One pillow is specifically designed to work in harmony with the body's natural curvature. Pillows have evolved and the revolution starts here."
     The design of the pillows makes them more "malleable" than other pillows, enabling them to move with the sleeper while he or she moves during the night, the company said.
     The new line is part of an aggressive push by PureCare to expand its business by focusing on the health and wellness benefits of its growing line of sleep accessories.

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