• Ray Allegrezza

It’s Been An Amazing Ride

How many times in my life have I been told that life is about the journey, not the destination? Enough to have it resonate as a statement of truth for me.

But ironically, as I write my final column as the editor in chief of Furniture/Today, I am struck by the fact that, at least on a professional level, my journey and destination began and ended with an event that I’ve loved being a part of: the Furniture/Today Leadership Conference.

Most of you probably don’t know that when I joined the paper some 18 years ago, my first day on the job involved getting on a plane and traveling to California to attend the Leadership Conference that was spearheaded by then-editor Lester Craft.

That first day was a blur as I tried desperately not only to memorize the names of my new co-workers, but to also memorize the names and faces of many of the industry leaders attending our conference.

Having recently hosted our 18th annual Leadership Conference attended by some 450 industry leaders, I couldn’t help but wrestle with a host of emotions as I stood on the podium and thanked what had become hundreds of industry friends for their loyalty, support and friendship over the years.

On the plane back to Greensboro, I realized that the almost 20 years I’ve spent at Furniture/Today has gone by so swiftly that it made my head spin.

I’ve always maintained that the furniture industry truly is family. And like any family, we are sometimes quirky, often quarrelsome and sometimes downright dysfunctional.

But even so, we are family. In spite of our collective faults and many misgivings, we are an industry with a proud heritage, populated with intelligent, hardworking, honorable men and women who help our customers transform their houses into homes.

And should you remember me for anything, I hope it will be as the guy who simply held up a mirror and asked if you liked what you saw — and if not, encouraged you to do something about it.

You and Furniture/Today have been better to me than I deserve and I thank you.

I’ve left you in the very capable hands of my buddy, Bill McLoughlin. I know you will welcome him just as you did me.

Thank you for an amazing ride!

Ray AllegrezzaRay Allegrezza | Editor in Chief, Furniture Today

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