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Do you know the benefits of a good night’s sleep?

Terry Cralle has a new book for that, ‘Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sleep educator Terry Cralle has a grown-up idea: Through the eyes of children, adults can learn about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

She and fellow educator W. David Brown talk to children and adults alike in their new book, “Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle.” The illustrated book, published by Rowe Publishing, tells the story of a young boy named Sam who refuses to go to sleep at the right time. He would rather play video games and his tablet than turn in for the night, and he pays a steep price for neglecting his sleep: He misses basketball shots he normally makes, he falls asleep in class, and he forgets to take his lunch to school.

But Sam’s sleep-deprived story takes a good turn when his teacher tells him about the benefits of a good night’s sleep. He becomes a Sleep Superhero and finds himself packed with energy for the new day.

Snoozby the Pillow narrates the story, sharing practical tips that children and adults alike can use to defeat sleeplessness and get a great night of sleep.

“I believe that by messaging to children about sleep health, we are effectively messaging to adults as well,” said Cralle, who has worked with the Better Sleep Council to help educate consumers about the importance of a good night of sleep. “I think that by incorporating children into our ‘consumer’ demographic we are raising awareness and really making sleep health a family value.”

In an interview with Furniture/Today, she said Snoozby has important work to do.

“Overall, fostering a better relationship with sleep (it’s good for us) is critical,” Cralle said. “I am optimistic that this ‘fun’ yet more direct message about sleep from Snoozby will start the dialogue about sleep in general and sleep surfaces specifically. I’ve been very pleased to see some of the amazing kids sleep products brought out by companies like bedgear, PureCare and others.”

She has high hopes for her new book.

“With some luck, our kids’ book series will fuel a bi-directional relationship between raising awareness and taking advantage of these product offerings, which will significantly contribute to sleep health,” Cralle said. “I think that if children learn about sleep at a young age (and parents learn a thing or two along the way, too), we will have more informed and eager consumers of all ages, and they will be more interested in purchasing quality mattresses, pillows and other important sleep accessories.”

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