Sleep accessories, beds-in-box take center stage

HIGH POINT — Beds-in-a-box were front and center at a lightly attended mattress market here.

Sleep accessories, adjustable beds and high-end bedding lines were also featured in several showrooms.

Traffic was generally described as light, with some producers expressing frustration with what they described as a poor turnout in their showrooms. But the quality of dealers was good, the producers said, even if the quantity was below their modest expectations.

A number of producers, including Classic Brands, Therapedic and Gold Bond, kept the fast-growing bed-in-a-box category in the spotlight by introducing or previewing new models, while one manufacturer made news by stepping away from the category.


The company’s Crown Imperial line is a luxury hybrid offering, retailing from $1,999 to $3,999 in queen.



This “super hybrid” in the Tommy Bahama Collection features Leggett & Platt’s Combi-Zone Quantum Edge pocketed coil unit and Therapedic’s new Visco Floating Foam to provide comfort and support.


The Adjustable Comfort adjustable foundation, retailing at $699 in queen, features dual power massage, zerogravity and head-up capabilities.


Paramount said it dropped its bed-in-a-box program to focus on parts of its business that are growing, like its high-end Hypnos and Nature’s Spa lines. Paramount debuted a revamped Nature’s Spa line that it positions as a “natural hybrid,” retailing from $1,699 to $4,999.

Classic Brands, a leader in the bed-in-a-box category, added a number of models this market, while Top 10 producer Therapedic unveiled its Agility bed-in-a-box model. Gold Bond sparked discussion with its dealers with two innerspring lines that lend themselves to roll packing.

Kingsdown returned to the High Point Market with a showroom in the International Home Furnishings Center located next to the Five Star showroom, which was dark and locked.

Kingsdown debuted a line, the Crown Imperial Collection, retailing from $1,999 to $3,999. Kingsdown CEO Frank Hood said its line builds on the “detailed, luxurious handcrafting” that is a hallmark of his company. He said he was “pretty happy” with the quality of the retailers visiting the company’s space.

Gold Bond President Bob Naboicheck described traffic as “slow” and said he sees a declining number of mattress exhibitors in High Point. But, he said, his company remains committed to the High Point Market.

“High Point is our show; we don’t do Las Vegas,” Naboicheck said. “The High Point Market remains an important component of our strategy because all of our customers attend the show. We’ll continue to show there.”

“Our appointments were here and made our market worthwhile,” said Sean Bergman, chief marketing officer at PureCare. “Traffic overall was disappointing.”

Richard Fleck, Paramount’s president, said traffic was slow, but added, “We had good quality. The people who came in were serious.”

Gerry Borreggine, CEO of Therapedic, called it “the slowest market I have ever attended anywhere, and it’s disappointing to say that as I’m a supporter of High Point.” Retailers who visited the company’s space liked the new bed-in-a-box offering, he added.



The company’s Prodigy 2.0 Base features exclusive MicroHook technology to keep the mattress from slipping, thereby eliminating the need for a retainer bar. The bed comes with a capacitive-touch remote and a new app for smart devices.


The Charleston futon reflects coastal cottage style in white. The new frame is available in a broad selection of upscale fabrics.


Corsicana moved into a new showroom at 300 S. Main St., where it displayed its beds in a sunny showroom. ReST, a high-end smart bedding producer, made its High Point debut in an IHFC showroom and added some sleep shops to its dealer roster, officials said.

High-end British bedding producer Vispring hosted a successful “Pillow Talk” event in its new Market Square showroom, which featured the company’s new retail presentation. “We think it’s a good start,” said Hugh Landes, Vispring’s national sales director, referring to the company’s first Market Square showing.

Shifman successfully launched its Pure Comfort latex bedding line, retailing from $3,100 to $5,300, and a new adjustable base line from Leggett & Platt offering a broad range of features and benefits. “We did very well here,” said Bill Hammer, president.

The Charleston futon reflects coastal cottage style
in white. The new frame is available in a broad
selection of upscale fabrics.

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