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Giving Furniture Shoppers a Voice

Surprising Data on How Online Reviews Impact a Furniture Retail Brand

Furniture shoppers once relied on print and television ads, the guidance of a salesperson, or the advice of a friend to decide what furniture to buy. But in today’s omnichannel world, shoppers have unlimited access to information about brands and products at their fingertips.

Online reviews have emerged as an outlet for unbiased product feedback, becoming an integral part of the path to purchase across all categories. According to a recent survey, almost all shoppers—95%—reported consulting customer reviews prior to making a purchase. In addition, 24% of those shoppers will take online reviews into consideration for every single purchase they make. When looking at just millennials, that number jumps to a third of shoppers who consult reviews for every purchase they make.

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Despite the popularity of reviews among shoppers, and millennials in particular, a majority of furniture retailers do not offer their customers the ability to read and write reviews. In fact, less than half —44%—of traditional retailers in the Furniture|Today Top 100 offer online reviews on their furniture ecommerce site.

Of traditional retailers in the Furniture|Today Top 100 offer shoppers the ability to read and write online reviews on their furniture ecommerce site44% of traditional retailers in the Furniture|Today Top 100 offer shoppers the ability to read and write online reviews on their furniture ecommerce site.

While every retailer sees the benefits to positive reviews, many retailers question whether those benefits outweigh the risks of what negative reviews will do to their brand. As the ecommerce platform for leading furniture retailers, we’re often asked, How will negative reviews impact product sales? How do I know these reviews are valid? And how can we monitor all these reviews to ensure customer satisfaction?

These are key risks, balanced by the fact that by not offering reviews, retailers risk ignoring a majority of their buying population who require reviews from the brands they shop. And as millennials, who last year alone spent $27 billion on furniture, continue to flood this market, retailers risk losing out on this emerging demographic to retailers who offer them the information they require to make a purchase.

In an effort to provide retailers with the data to make a decision on reviews, we analyzed results from across our Cloud Ecommerce Platform and the ecommerce industry as a whole—and the data was quite surprising.

Download our latest BlueReport, Give Your Shoppers a Voice, for access to compelling insights on online reviews, including:

  • How shoppers use online reviews when shopping
  • The influence reviews have on search ranking and organic traffic
  • Reviews’ effect on ecommerce revenue
  • The true impact of negative reviews on a furniture retailer’s brand and conversion




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