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Therapedic presents full score of Bravura offerings

HIGH POINT — The three movements have been composed, and now Top 10 bedding producer Therapedic is ready to deliver a complete performance for its retailers.

All three of the lines in Therapedic’s musically themed Bravura collection will sound off at the market here. It’s the first time the three lines will be shown here together, after the various lines have been previewed at other markets.

Gerry Borreggine, Therapedic’s president and CEO, says the Bravura offerings have something for all retailers – and all consumers. Bravura features promotional beds, a “super-hybrid” line, and it tops out with a strong assortment of specialty models, he said.

Retailers have responded to the depth and cohesiveness of the line, Borreggine said. “And they also gave us high marks for making this a musically inspired line,” he added.

Bravura refers to a “brilliant style or technique in performance,” which Borreggine said serves to underscore the fact that this family of sleep systems is musically inspired.

“That definition was constantly front and center my mind as we designed the line,” he said. “In fact, even the graphics for the line showcase a musical theme.”

The logo is topped by an eighth note. The top-of-bed designs and labels feature a whimsically styled keyboard positioned under the Bravura logo.

The first “movement” in Bravura is the promotional or traffic line, with names such as Prelude, Encore and Interlude. Retail pricing ranges from $599 to $1,099.

All the sleep systems feature a perimeter coil-encased unit, which gives the beds a stronger edge and a truer sleeping surface. Another benefit of this construction method is that there is virtually no roll-off when a sleeper lays on the very edge of the bed, the company said.

The second “movement” is the “super-hybrid” collection, which carries a starting retail of $1,099 and goes up to $1,699. These models feature a stretch-knit cover with a scroll design that has an elaborate G-clef woven into the design.

Models here include’s Wonderful, a smooth top; Fascinating Rhythm, a quilt top; and Lullaby, Summertime and Rhapsody in Blue, all of which feature zippered covers.

The third and final “movement” is the specialty collection. In this line-up, which pays tribute to classic rock albums, there are two visco models and two Talalay latex models. All models in the specialty collection feature either copper-infused visco, or copper-infused Talalay latex. Here, the line opens with a suggested retail of $1,299 and can run as high as $3,999.

Models include Silk Degrees, with retails from $1,299 to $1,999; Moondance, with retails from $1,599 to $2,499; Rubber Soul, with retails from $1,799 to $2,999; and Summer Nights, with retails ranging from $1,999 to $3,999.

“All the retailers that have seen the line tell us that the features, benefits and construction make Bravura a hit,” Borreggine said. “And that, coupled with the marketing opportunities from the musical inspiration, are going to help send these sleep systems to the top of the charts.”

Therapedic shows in the International Home Furnishings Center in space M-607.

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