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Blueport Commerce sources its testing through Applause

BOSTON – Blueport Commerce, a leading cloud e-commerce platform for furniture, teamed up with Applause, a leader in testing, feedback and research for digital experiences, to help ensure the quality of Blueport’s platform works optimally across all devices and geographies.

Blueport is used by the retailers across North America, hosting more than seven million monthly visitors who shop eight brands serving regional and national markets and who use numerous mobile device types and multiple customer journeys.

The company paired up with Applause when Blueport’s testing matrix became too challenging to handle.

“The core challenge for us is that, in our experience, there are certain kinds of quality that can only be found with manual testing,” said Andy Wolf, chief product officer, Blueport Commerce. “We generally try to automate as much as we possibly can, but the automation starts to fall apart when you’re dealing with multiple different sites for different customers. Our platform is a geographically specific application, which is very important in the furniture industry, and we are trying to support every kind of mobile device out there. It was proving to be too much for us to handle internally.”

Blueport thinks it’s critical that consumers have a consistent and enjoyable digital experience, and its testing requirements reflect that view.

“It’s really about ensuring the quality of the experience is exceptional at every stage of the way,” said Wolf. “Customers have come to expect a very high level of quality from e-commerce and expect it to work in every location and on every browser.”

Applause has also helped Blueport deliver on its strategy for biweekly software updates, making it easy for Blueport to finalize code and release the updates quickly.

“We typically release on Wednesdays, and we get Applause to do all of its testing over the weekend,” Wolf said.

In the past year, Wolf said, he’s seen a noticeable difference in customer satisfaction since working with Applause. “We try to keep things easy for our customers, and most of this happens behind the scenes. All they see if that the software works when it’s delivered.”

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