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5 things that aren't changing in bedding

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Is anything constant in the rapidly changing bedding industry?

Yes, according to bedding analyst Jerry Epperson. Adjustable beds are gaining ground. Consumers prefer larger bedding sizes, and demographic opportunities to reach different consumer groups are clear.

Writing in the 2016 Mattress Industry Trends Report, published by the International Sleep Products Assn., Epperson cited several core factors that remain true in an industry experiencing significant changes.

Among the highlights on his list:

1. More consumers understand and appreciate the importance of sleep and the role a good mattress plays.

2. As new homes are built, there is increasing room in the bedrooms for the larger mattress sizes, king and queen, and consumers obviously prefer them.

3. Mattresses remain the most profitable sale in a furniture store, and many other types of retailers see this same profitability and are increasing their assortments.

4. The new array of powered mattress bases gives the consumer many more options in how the bed can be used in the home – for work, relaxation or sleep.

5. Demographic opportunities are clear, as the older, wealthier Baby Boomers need healthy mattresses to remove pain and encourage productivity, while the younger generations need them as they form new households and have children.

David PerryDavid Perry | Executive Editor, Furniture Today

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