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ISPA: 2016 dollar shipments up 3.4%

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The wholesale value of mattresses and foundations made and sold in the U.S. grew 3.4% last year. Bedding units were up 3.1% for the year, while the average unit price increased 0.3%, to $203.19.

The 2016 Mattress Industry Trends Report, published by the International Sleep Products Assn., said the wholesale sales figure is a record. While unit shipments set a new post-recession high, they are still 5.8% below the 2005 level, the industry’s high point for units, ISPA said.

“This year’s report shows that the industry continues to grow, with the 2016 wholesale value of mattresses and foundations made and sold in the United States increasing 3.4% from 2015, a new record for the industry,” said ISPA President Ryan Trainer.

The figures in the annual report show the industry had a much stronger year than the year-end figures published in ISPA’s Bedding Market Quarterly report had suggested. Those earlier figures, which represent the performance of producers who account for a majority of bedding units and a majority of bedding units and a majority of the wholesale dollar value of bedding shipments, showed units down 2.2% for 2016, with the wholesale dollar value of shipments up 1.7% for the full year.

The much higher final figures for the year mean that producers not accounted for in the Bedding Market Quarterly reports substantially outperformed their larger counterparts, bedding observers said.

The ISPA annual report said the dollar value for mattresses jumped 4.4% last year, while the dollar value of foundations declined 2.3%. Mattress units were up 4.2% for the full year, while foundation units were up 1.6%, the report said.

Those figures do not include adjustable bed bases, which have been one of the industry’s fastest-growing product categories.

The annual report does include a separate table on adjustable bed base performance, reflecting adjustable bed base sales through mattress manufacturers, a channel that ISPA believes to represent the majority of adjustable foundations sold in the U.S.

That table says adjustable bed base dollars grew 5.4% last year, to $697.1 million, while units increased 8.8%, to 1,050,900. The average unit price of adjustable bases dropped 3.5%, to $660.20, the report said.

The annual report also indicates that sleep sets retailing from $500 to $1,000 lost dollar share last year, falling from a 30.1% share of the market in 2015 to a 27.7% share in 2016. The report shows a major dollar share gain for sleep sets retailing at $2,000 and up, with those sets growing from 23.9% of the market in 2015 to 27.1% of the market last year.

The dollar share of sleep sets retailing at under $500 declined last year, falling from 17.5% of the market in 2015 to 16.8% of the market last year, the ISPA report said.

The dollar value of sleep sets retailing from $1,000 to $2,000 was about the same, dropping slightly from a 28.5% share in 2015 to a 28.4% share last year, ISPA said.

ISPA said the report reflects improvements for import and export data.

“For more than 100 years, ISPA has not only been the source for industry statistics, but we are always looking for ways to improve the data we publish,” Trainer noted. “I am happy to report that this year we have refined our import and export data. In the past, the official government statistics we used included shipments of both animal and human beds. Beginning this year, ISPA has persuaded U.S. Customs and Border Protection to exclude pet beds and focus only on human-size products.”

The 2016 report will help ISPA members, mattress retailers and those in the financial sector track key business trends and make important commercial and investment decisions, officials said.

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