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How RSA can capitalize on the adjustable base boom

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The rise of adjustable bases is upon us.

While they may be fairly new, they are picking up steam at a rapid pace. In fact, industry figures show they are among the fastest growing sleep accessory, with a double digit growth in recent years.

Once used mostly in hospitals and assisted living facilities, adjustable bases have become an important part of the mattress industry. Studies have shown that many people buy mattresses for health and wellness reasons, and adjustable bases have health benefits of their own.

Introducing customers to adjustable bases can benefit both customers and RSAs.

Growing fast, selling high

We know adjustable bases are one of the fastest growing sleep accessories, but did you know also know that bedding specialists sell adjustable bases at significantly higher best-selling price points than furniture stores? That’s means there’s an opportunity for both types of stores.

Bedding specialist RSAs should take advantage of their higher-selling price points by introducing adjustable bases to every customer and putting them under all motion-friendly mattresses on the sales floor. After the customer is familiar with adjustable bases, RSAs can logically and naturally talk about the bases when trying to step up a customer during a sale. Tying in their store’s financing offers can make adjustable bases more attractive and affordable to customers.

Furniture store RSAs have an opportunity to do a better job of promoting adjustable bases. They also need to introduce adjustable bases at the beginning of a sale and put adjustable bases under all motion-friendly mattresses on the sales floor. The earlier in the sales process they start talking about adjustable bases, the better, and they may actually lose sales by not showing adjustable bases.

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Both types of RSAs should also explain the health and better sleep benefits of adjustable bases, which leads to the next point:

Benefits abound

According to the Furniture Today research, 23% of consumers have purchased furniture to support their physical well-being and health. 53% of those consumers bought a mattress for that reason, but only 7% bought an adjustable base for that reason.


This is a huge opportunity for RSAs to position adjustable bases as a health product. While many people buy mattresses for health and wellness reasons, adjustable bases have some health-related benefits of their own. They can help improve circulation, offer pain relief and can give a person a better, more comfortable night’s sleep. RSAs who better explain the benefits of adjustable bases will have an easier time selling them.

The future of adjustable bases

What does the future of adjustable bases hold?

Given the soaring growth rates the category is recording, the future is bright for adjustable bases.

And while the research found that 58% of households that shopped for an adjustable base went on to buy one, the buying gap for the category—the difference between those who bought and those who didn’t—is 16 percentage points. This means that four in 10 shoppers didn’t buy an adjustable base. Can you hear opportunity screaming?

Statistics 58

Now it’s time to seize it. Adjustable bases are a hot accessory, but it’s up to RSAs to promote them and help customers understand how they can be beneficial. Promote them enough, and soon enough maybe everyone who comes in looking for a mattress will also buy an adjustable base.

Key takeaway: Adjustable bases are growing in popularity and their future is bright. They can help with a variety of health and wellness problems, and it’s up to the RSA to help customers realize the benefits.

How often do you bring up adjustable bases? How do you introduce them to customers? Comment below and let’s start a conversation!


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