The one question every RSA should ask

The one question every RSA should ask

While RSAs will ask customers many questions along the selling journey, there is one question that every RSA should ask: How did you sleep last night?

This question has depth and a personal feel, and it can do three important things that can help you make a sale:

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Tell you the condition of their current mattress.

When customers think about an answer to this question, they will undoubtedly think about the condition of their current mattress. This is a good opportunity to help them figure out what they are looking for in a mattress that their current mattress doesn’t offer.

Does their current mattress sag in the middle? Are loud, old springs waking them up in the middle of the night when they roll over? Do they want a bed with better motion isolation? These are the kinds of questions that will help customers realize why they need a new mattress.

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Offer a point of entry to talk about better sleep.

When your customer realizes why they need a new mattress, it will be easier to start selling better sleep. Furniture Today research found that 82% of consumers want a mattress that will provide better sleep, and this is something RSAs need to act on.

Only 85% of bedding specialists reported they always bring up better sleep on the sales floor, and that drops to 50% in furniture stores. You don’t want to sell your customers a mattress; you want to sell them a better night’s rest. When you do this, consumers will be more willing to make an investment in a better bed.

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Get customers thinking about sleep as essential instead of a luxury.

People are busy, and many simply think sleep is a luxury they can’t afford. We know this is false, and it’s your job as an RSA to help the consumer realize that sleep is essential. You want to show customers that a better bed can improve the quality of their sleep, and therefore their life.

Don’t think of yourself as a salesperson; think of yourself as a health specialist who is concerned about the well-being of the person you’re helping. Let them know that the problems they think are unavoidable can be solved with a better mattress, and explain to them which features benefits will help with which problems. The more RSAs disprove that sleep is only a luxury, the more mattresses they can sell.

Key takeaway: Always ask how your customer slept last night and use their answer to help guide the sale.

Have you tried asking this question? How did it go? Comments below and let’s talk!


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