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Dr. Greene debuts boxed bed for Mega Group

JerryJerry Honea, second from left, Mega Group USA, checks in with the Dr. Greene mattress team: Ty Hingle, left, Dr. Craig Greene and Lee Burns.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Dr. Greene is getting in a box for members of Mega Group USA. Well, it’s actually his new mattress. The Baton Rouge, La.-based orthopedic surgeon has teamed up with two bedding veterans to develop a new boxed bed.

Dr. Craig Greene is working with Ty Hingle and Lee Burns, the team that owns and operates Mattress Direct, a growing sleep shop chain based in Baton Rouge, La. Greene and Hingle were friends at LSU.

Greene has worked with Serta for years, offering his Dr. Greene line of beds “developed with the human body in mind,” he said.

Now he has jumped into the fast-growing bed-in-a-box category, offering a product that “doesn’t sacrifice great sleep for convenience and affordability,” he said. It was shown at the Mega Group USA convention here last week as an exclusive for Mega members.

“Sleep Outside the Box, is the message emblazoned on the box for the compressed mattress. The Dr. Greene Ideal Mattress is being sold online and in stores.

Hingle said the new boxed bed is well-suited for today’s shoppers, who are demanding more convenience, flexibility and information about their mattresses. “Today’s Millennial shopper wants to relate to whom they are buying from, be part of something bigger than themselves and get a great deal when making a major purchase,” he said.

“The industry has been disrupted by the new boxed mattresses sold online direct to consumers,” noted Greene, who specializes in sports medicine and traumatology. “The problem is that the mattresses you find in boxes generally sacrifice quality and the sound science needed to obtain pain-free uninterrupted sleep.”

Added Burns: “The program we came up with allows traditional mattress retailers the benefit of having an option for that online shopper, but also the peace of mind of displaying one in store for the guest to feel. The network of retailers we are targeting will provide national online and in-store exposure.”

Hingle and Burns are carrying the new boxed bed in their stores.

Jerry Honea, Mega Group USA’s executive vice president, is pleased with the new Mega exclusive. “I think this program will position our retail stores for success in the omni-channel mattress space,” he said.

The Dr. Greene’s Ideal Mattress features five zones of comfort and support that may help eliminate tossing and turning by giving enhanced support to the lower back and neck while taking pressure off the hips and shoulders, Greene said.

The bed also incorporates a charitable element, with some of the proceeds going to help underprivileged consumers gets medical attention during disasters, Greene said.

All of the products in the bed are made in the U.S., he said.

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