One tip that will get customers to leave reviews

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Studies have found that 70% of people will leave a review when asked and 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Mike Magnuson, founder of, a leading mattress review platform and information resource, knows a thing or two about online reviews. Through, consumers can rate mattresses and brands, and Magnuson sees what these reviews say and how they impact stores and brands.

Here’s what Magnuson had to say about the significance of online reviews: “Simply put, reviews are one of the most important and influential factors -- both at the discovery phase and at the confirmatory phase, as well as all points in between -- for almost every shopper, especially when buying a big-ticket item like a mattress.”

But it’s not enough to know that reviews matter, you need to ask customers to review your store.


“Because asking every customer to write a review is the only ethical way to virtually guarantee that most of the reviews you get will be from happy customers,” says Magnuson. “Conversely, if you don't do this, you can almost guarantee that the majority of the reviews you'll get will be from unhappy customers. It's such an easy solution, and yet sadly, we still see most companies choosing to have an awful online reputation by choosing not to make a habit of asking their customers for online feedback. For those companies who are willing to take this simple measure, the opportunity to stand out in a positive way is huge.”

So there you have it: to increase your chances of a good store review, simply ask the customers to review your store.

If they do leave favorable reviews, other consumers who see them and trust them may choose your store over one with bad reviews. And if these new consumers leave a good review, you can start a cycle of positive reviews.

Key takeaway: Online reviews are powerful, and asking customers to leave a review can help ensure they leave one, and that it’s positive.

How do you feel about online reviews? Do you ask customer to leave them for your store? Comment below and let’s talk!


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