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Dr. Robbins makes house calls on SleepSells website

BeautyrestBeautyrest spokeswoman Dr. Rebecca Robbins is educating retail sales associates in videos posted to the SleepSells website.
ATLANTA — The doctor is in. And she’s making house calls — over the Internet.

Dr. Rebecca Robbins is the latest sleep expert to join the Simmons Beautyrest team. She’s now making video appearances on SleepSells.com, the retail sales associate-oriented website created by Simmons. SleepSells is the brand’s online training destination for RSAs and other industry insiders.

Robbins is helping Simmons talk about the connection between sleep and high performance, one that Beautyrest is emphasizing in an aggressive consumer campaign that kicked off earlier this year. That campaign positions Beautyrest mattresses as the ultimate equipment for high-performance sleep.

The campaign builds upon the growing belief that personal performance is based on three basic pillars of health — exercise, nutrition and sleep — and that to achieve success in daily life, one must perform optimally in all three areas, officials said.

Robbins is a perfect fit for her work for Beautyrest, officials said.

The sleep researcher is the co-author (with better-sleep guru James Maas) of “Sleep for Success.” She primarily conducts research on the link between sleep and performance as well as strategies for optimal rest and recovery. Her role with Beautyrest is to help the brand educate consumers about ideal sleep habits and the impact of quality sleep on their waking success, including how high-quality sleep can give them an edge to perform more effectively.

“Rest plays a pivotal role in nearly all areas of our waking lives; yet in our society, sleep is unfortunately viewed as a luxury rather than a necessity,” said Robbins. “It is wonderful when a brand like Beautyrest wants to engage with the academic community to promote the benefits of sleep.”

In addition to her appearance on SleepSells. com, Robbins is featured in consumer-oriented content on Beautyrest.com, is on the company’s Under the Covers blog and is making regular appearances on the brand’s social media channels.

“Dr. Robbins is dedicated to educating society about the clear link between quality sleep and success during the day, which is a topic that perfectly aligns with the performance-focused message of our new campaign,” said Michelle Montgomery, Beautyrest’s vice president of marketing communications.

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