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Press Release, November 10, 2017

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In Sept 16, 2017, the OKIN Refined A Phoenix Mecano Company moved to a new location. We invited over 150 entrepreneurs from Asia, Europe and North America to visit us, and we look forward to cooperate with our customers.


New location ceremony - OKIN China

The Phoenix Mecano (the AG Mechanical Section of Asia) invested over 10 million dollars to build the OKIN Dream-Factory, and it has been fully operational since July 2017. The OKIN Dream-Factory covers an area of 195000 sq.ft, it has a total of four floors. On the first, second and the third floor, we have the assembly lines, and on the fourth floor, we have the office area. Here we have the power of the research and development ability. Meanwhile in Germany, China, and Hungary, OKIN threw three R&D resource centers in use. These centers integrate product research, electronic and software programming, engineering design, and laboratory test to support the comprehensive smart furniture system development.

OKIN OKIN is the world leading company creating and supporting with actuating systems and accessories for the furniture market. Over the last decade OKIN´s development was fast and comprehensive. Following our strategy “in the region for the region”Okin today is manufacturing in the USA, in China and at two locations in Europe. For quality and cost control the vertical integration has deepened. Starting with simple assembly OKIN today is making it´s own electrical motors, plastic parts, spindle and electronics in own factories. And – again following the strategy – OKIN has established R&D and service teams around the globe to serve and support our global customers, wherever they are located.

Over the past decade, OKIN has developed and extended to a specialized firm that provides comprehensive smart furniture solutions. We follow the strategy “in the region for the region”, we have branch companies in North America, Asia, and Europe. Meanwhile, the quality control and the cost control are vertical integrated. Started with simple assemblies, OKIN today is massive producing motors, plastic parts, spindles, and electrical components. We built the R&D teams and the after-sales service teams to support our worldwide customers.

As usual, OKIN shows new products and concepts every year. A clear breakthrough is OKIN’s patented new and integrated break system, which allows actuators to handle push back forces up to 10.000 KN without moving a 10th of a millimeter. This is unique and will become more and more important over the next years as pushback forces in adjustable furniture are increasing.

Regarding competition OKIN is the world’s leading company in this field of business. Phoenix Mecano, a public noted group (stock exchange Zurich) is continuously investing into this business, pushing OKIN’s growth and strengthening product development and production power. Solid financed, globally present but local acting, this position is unique to OKIN and cannot easily be matched by any other competitor in this world.

OKIN launches new products and new concepts each year. A clear breakthrough is the New Integrated Break System has been patented. The system allows the actuator hold in position when the push back force is up to 10.000 KN and it will extend in the smart furniture market. The Phoenix Mecano Company, a public noted group (stock exchange Zurich) invests and drives OKIN’s branding, and the growth. This pushes OKIN to a position that could not be easily beat.

Motor production line in OKIN China

If you look around in furniture stores such as Costco or Wal Mart or Rooms to Go or Macy´s and a lot more in the US or Europe, you will find a lot of OKIN systems in the exhibited furniture, independently if it is a bed, a sofa, a chair or a lift chair.

We are co-operating with a lot of furniture making companies. This is the basis of our business. OKIN maintains trustfull co-operation, respecting customer individual needs and demands.

We collaborate with furniture manufactures, and have good reputation in the field.

Smart furniture is a quite interesting development which OKIN has anticipated very early and has started developments for this already years ago. Now the technology is available, OKIN has nice smart products like BlueTooth control of smart furniture, communication between the furniture and any APP on a Smart Phone or even via internet. We offer occupancy detection systems, safety systems, touch sensors, heating and cooling, reading light and audio. It deepends on our customers what they finally like to see in their smart furniture products. Whatever it is, OKIN has the product or a solution for it.

Beside system integration smart technology will be the second key driver for the furniture business. This is quite exciting as the smart technology is currently only at the beginning and there is much room for new ideas and concepts. If you look into the broad field of smart home technology, networking and cloud computing everybody can feel that a lot of things will come in the near future. OKIN is prepared and OKIN is already working on this.

Nowadays, the smart furniture industry has rapidly developed. OKIN provides Bluetooth control systems, APPs, and by using the Internet to control smart furniture. At the same time, we study and develop the detecting system, safety system, touch-sensitive technology, customize the heating and cooling system, reading light and audio.

The smart furniture technology is the key point in the furniture business. The exciting news is there are so much things we can create and image. Combining with the network and the cloud service technology, OKIN will bring new concepts and technics to the market and we are ready for it.

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