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Bill McLoughlin

How do you measure the value of an idea?

When you implement a new practice your store or manufacturing operation, one that saves you money or increases sales, how do you measure the value of that idea. Is it simply in the sales increase or dollars saved? If the idea enhances your brand a... More

About This Blog

I’m Bill McLoughlin, Chief Content Officer at Furniture Today. In the 25 plus years I’ve covered retail the thing I’ve enjoyed most is the people; hearing their stories, learning about their companies and sharing insights on the business. Through this blog I hope to continue that dialogue. Sometimes you may agree with me, sometimes not. But it’s my hope you will find a fresh perspective and perhaps an idea or two that helps improve your business. I welcome your comments and look forward to a long and productive dialogue.
Kristin Sprague

Keeping the E-wolf at Bay

You can huff and puff but you can’t blow this brick and mortar store down. Brick is the new black! Even Amazon has noticed it, which is evident in its October 2014 announcement that it plans to open local store fronts. So why is Brick the n... More

About This Blog

Kristin Sprague is the Digital Publisher at Progressive Business Media. Her role is to be forward thinking in the digital progression of their clients as well as their publications (Furniture Today, Casual Living, Gifts and Decorative Accessories, Kids Today, Home Accents Today, Home & Textiles Today). An early adaptor to digital marketing, Sprague is committed to educate and inspire by sharing simplified and successful practices on current and emerging trends across the entire digital marketing landscape through this blog. Kristin encourages you to reach out with any digital curiosities or topics you would like to hear about.

2014 a year of change, continued growth

As we come close to drawing the curtain on 2014, I want to take a few moments to look back on the year that was. It didn’t take long for the first major announcement to come in January. While most of us were preparing for shows in Atlanta a... More

About This Blog

Thomas Lester is the assistant editor of Home Accents Today and Furniture/Today.  A veteran journalist and storyteller, Lester will bring the stories behind the partnerships, product innovations and personalities in the home accents and furniture industries to life in this blog.

Pat Cory blog

Labor vs. Space

Labor vs. Space As retailers continue to expand into new markets and increase their presence on the internet they look for ways to expand their delivery areas. The question becomes what is more expensive: labor or space? If retailers move out of... More

About This Blog

Pat Cory is the newly appointed CEO of Cory Home Delivery, one of the oldest and largest specialized home delivery carriers in America, today in its third generation of family management and ownership. Headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, the company serves many of the top 100 furniture, appliance, and electronics retailers.,

Modern design should reflect 'lived in' look

Editor's Note: Join Jerry Epperson for his 16 July webcast: "Summer Economic Forecast - It's gone from too cold to too hot!"  Click here for details. My mother was 93 before she recently passed away. It was difficult to see her s... More

About This Blog

W.W. "Jerry" Epperson Jr. is a managing director of Mann, Armistead & Epperson Ltd., 119 Shockoe Slip, Richmond, Va., an investment banking and research company that specializes in the furniture sector. Online at
Dan Minor

Exploring the Ideal Pricing Model

I'm excited - there are clear signs our industry is finally starting to move forward and implement change where it's been long-needed. Better late than never, right? But these changes are moving toward a problem that the industry of home décor has... More

About This Blog

Barry Abraham and Dan Minor of Pure Home will discuss the need for change and integration within the home décor industry - it's time to change the way we do business, and we need to do it together in order to see a successful future in our industry.
Cindy Hodnett

Showtime intros set stage for creative Oct. market

Prepare to be shocked, awed and delighted this fall. If conversations at the recent Showtime textile market translate into corresponding production, there are going to be some pretty unusual upholstery offerings at the High Point Market in Octobe... More

About This Blog

As the Upholstery/Style Editor for Furniture/Today, I spend my work hours studying a rainbow of fabrics, the sloping curves of sofa frames and the nail head trim and button accents on a piece of upholstery. I research hundreds of companies who bring these things together for consumers, and I greet every new product introduction with enthusiastic anticipation. It's the perfect professional fit for a writer who once traded Barbie's best ball gown for a brightly-hued 12-inch Dream House bed, and it's a journey I plan to share with F/T readers who understand that furniture is so much more than simply a place to sit. I look forward to reporting on what I see in different markets, and I hope you'll reciprocate by letting me know when something impresses you. Email:
Mike Root

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday

As I have traveled to various retailers this month of November, several of them have big expectations for the holiday season which officially kicks off this weekend. Let’s hope they are right and the customer is in a mood to buy new home fur... More

About This Blog

Hi, I'm Mike Root, President of Furniture Sales of Mid-America, ( a furniture wholesale company in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. We have been recognized by numerous national furniture factories for sales excellence including multiple Salesman of the Year awards. I currently serve on the Executive Committee of the International Home Furnishings Representative's Association (IHFRA) as well as the CQRID Advisory Board of the Interior Design Society.
I see incredible opportunities for our industry to make a difference in people's lives. It is my intention to share with you positive stories and observations from around the country as they relate to the home furnishings industry. True, this is a blog for furniture representatives. But the reality is that we are all representing the home furnishings industry. Therefore I will write to and for reps, but hopefully the message will resonate with all throughout the industry. My perspective is one of a third generation furniture guy with past experience in retail, rental, and wholesale. I also have the good fortune of working with my father, Emmet Root, who is still active as a rep after almost 60 years.
We also operate a consulting business to help retailers and factories use innovative marketing to capture the attention of the end consumer through the use of direct response marketing and social media ( More information about me can be found on my blog at To contact me by email
Dana French

5 things about mobile

Mobile devices have taken over. Is your site a mobile friendly site? Here are some stats to know: Mobile devices were used by nearly half, 47%, of furniture shoppers in October, according to stats from Data from Google... More

About This Blog

Welcome to Furniture/Today’s Research blog where we take a look at interesting research data related to the home furnishings industry. Our focus may come from research we have conducted ourselves or it might be something we’ve come across and just want to share. We hope you’ll use this space too, to share your thoughts or to weigh in with what you think about the topic under discussion.
Larry Thomas

Aaron’s, VCM proxies seek shareholder support

The proxy fight involving Aaron's Inc. and an investment firm that happens to be the majority owner of a smaller competitor still hasn't been settled, and it now looks like the battle will be carried all the way to Aaron's annual shareholders meet... More

About This Blog

I'm Larry Thomas, business editor of Furniture/Today. In my 24 years here, I\'ve written stories about everything from box springs to wicker chairs. For 12 years, I wrote the weekly "Bedding Today" column, which is now in the capable hands of executive editor David Perry. Since being named business editor in 2001, most of my stories have dealt with home entertainment furniture, recliners, financial news and furniture markets. I look forward to discussing key industry issues in this forum, and I welcome your thoughts and opinions.
Image of Eric Easter


One of my goals after leaving college was to get in a position of authority as quickly as possible. I had worked for people from the time I was twelve and knew that I did not want to do this for any longer than necessary. It was not that I had wor... More

About This Blog

Hi. I'm Eric Easter. I am CEO of Kittle's Furniture. I've been in our industry for over 30 years. During that time I’ve held positions ranging from cashier to CEO. Along the way, I've held executive leadership positions both in manufacturing and retailing. I've also been responsible for leading initiatives in merchandising, marketing, sales, and operations for leading companies like Kittle's, Thomasville, Boyles and Huntington Furniture. Leadership has always been a passion of mine and nothing delights me more than seeing good people become great leaders. This blog, while discussing a myriad of topics, will focus on leadership. I look forward to hearing from you!
Jerry Cohen Law and the Business of Furniture blog.

Three Lessons from Factory Man about Law and Business

Factory Man, Beth Macy’s book about John Bassett III, tells the story of globalization and the furniture industry. The book describes the tough decisions of a businessperson in navigating a dramatically changed market. As I was reading Fact... More

About This Blog

Thank you for checking out this blog. I am a co-founder of the law firm Cohen Tauber Spievack & Wagner in New York City, and I have worked with furniture and home furnishings clients for more than twenty years. My work entails speaking with businesspeople about their goals and strategies and then working with them in areas including licensing, manufacturing, distribution, intellectual property, technology, business management, and navigating disputes. I’m always interested in hearing from people in our industry about what they are thinking and what they are seeing out there. You can contact me at