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Courtney Thabet

An introduction

I have just started my fourth week as a research consultant for Progressive Business Media (PBM) and would like to introduce myself. My passion for research stems from my love numbers and figuring things out. I am a puzzle solver. I love mysterie... More

About This Blog

Welcome to Progressive Business Media’s research blog where I will talk research mostly related to the home furnishing industry. The research may include studies we here at PBM have done ourselves, or something I have come across that just piques my interest (and, hopefully, yours too!). I encourage you to share your thoughts and insights and contribute to the discussion. Contact me at

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” - Zora Neale Hurston
Thomas Russell

Furniture imports defy anti-trade sentiment

For all the anti-trade sentiment being voiced in the presidential campaign, particularly against China and Mexico, you would think that furniture imports would be down, or flat at best. Yet consumers continue to vote with their dollars by purchas... More

About This Blog

Tom Russell Associate Editor I’m Tom Russell and have worked at Furniture/Today since August 2003. Since then, I have had covered the international side of the business from a logistics and sourcing standpoint. Since then, I also have visited several furniture trade shows and manufacturing plants in Asia, which has helped me gain some perspective about the industry in that part of the world. As I continue covering the import side of the business, I look forward to building on that knowledge base through conversations with industry officials and future overseas plant tours overseas. From time to time, I will file news and other industry perspectives on-line and, as always, welcome your response to these Web postings. (to view or add public comments click on "Add your Comment" below each blog post)
Alex Milstein

Take it from a Millennial

  5 useful facts for furniture companies As a Millennial, I’m starting to feel like my demographic is being treated like aliens from outer space. Our habits are considered unusual and intensely studied by older generations, we are ext... More

About This Blog

One Stop Shop blog is your number one source for furniture industry tips, advice and how-to’s. From social media guidance to breaking down trends in the industry, One Stop Shop offers solutions and ideas that will help retailers, manufacturers and suppliers succeed in business. Alex’s millennial tendencies and love for listicles runs deep, but not as deep as his passion for providing useful, helpful and informative solutions.

Have something you want Alex to write about? Contact him on Twitter @FTalexM or by email at

How the recession supersized U.S. homes and what we should expect next

By Erin Carlyle, Houzz Since the Great Recession, more new homes have been selling at what we’d call the extra-large size: 4,000 square feet or bigger. Given that many Americans suffered financially during the recession, that might be surpr... More

About This Blog

Houzz is the leading platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish – online or from a mobile device. From decorating a small room to building a custom home and everything in between, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world.
Erin Berg

Where can we turn vulnerability into strength?

A pipeline leak in Alabama caused a fuel shortage, public panic and an overnight spike in prices at the pump that affected six Southeastern states. While this particular event was a regional issue that lasted about a week, it is not unprecedented ... More

About This Blog

Hi, I'm Erin Berg, associate editor covering motion upholstery and outdoor. I came to F/T with a marketing background from various industries not related to furniture so I like to think I can bring a different perspective to the business. My blog spot will sometimes be about sharing my ideas and thoughts, and always about inviting yours. I hope to spark conversation because from what I’ve learned about this industry, it’s built on relationships. And relationships start with conversation.

Conversations with Dean Horowitz

A Conversation with Jason Phillips - Phillips Collection

Please check out my recent Conversation with Jason Phillips of the Phillips Collection.  He has the heart of a designer and is transitioning into the leadership role of one of the most unique and exciting companies in the home furnishings i... More

About This Blog

This blog is focused on bringing the Furniture/Today community together in a discussion of ideas and technologies that will ensure our individual, and collective, long-term value to the customers we serve. It’s the back and front-office. It’s the opportunities to save money, spend money and connect with information in new and exciting ways. The success of this endeavor will be measured by your contributions and the exchanges that facilitate growth for all involved. We are in this together. Here's to being connected.
David Perry

Mattress Math: 4 key numbers reflect upside for online bed sales

6 percent of bedding sales generated by the direct-to-the-consumer channel.Why it matters: While some bedding observers think the number is higher, this is still a significant number. It reflects a growing distribution channel and one growing rapi... More

About This Blog

King Koil
Follow David Perry's latest blog series on the numbers behind the mattress industry. (Sponsored by King Koil.)
Sheila Sanon

How Furniture Survived the Logo Bubble – And What It Should Do Next

An explanation for the lack of on-product branding and its impact on sales and marketing Across major consumer products, brands are purifying their logos into being simple inflections of their company culture. As we millennials continue to replac... More

About This Blog

The Swinging Door blog will cover design education, hot impressions, and fresh commentary on contemporary furniture design from a young designer’s perspective. Sheilla Sanon is a senior furniture design student from Appalachian State University with an endless love for creativity. She is the founder and lead blogger at who enjoys celebrating unsung ideas and achievements in design.

Economic sweet spots to be found if you know where to look

Forty percent of all U.S. consumption spending is done by HENRY’s … High Earners, Not Rich Yet with $100,000-$240,000 income who are aspirational not yet luxury targets. They want styles different from parents, love to find “new... More

About This Blog

Kerry Lebensburger is president of sales for Ashley and a graduate of the Wharton School of Commerce and Finance. Since joining Ashley Furniture Industries in 1993 he has served in roles of increasing responsibility and has played a pivotal role in the rise of the company’s retail business to its current position atop Furniture/Today’s Top 100.

Kerry has shared his thoughts via e-mail with a select group of friends and associates for some time, offering his unique and penetrating insights not only on the furniture industry, but on the business, political and economic community at large. He has now agreed to share those insights with Furniture/Today’s audience.
Bill McLoughlin

Are you asking the right questions?

Markets are always a good time to assess your business, and this time that might be particularly true. The furniture business this year has been, by most accounts, inconsistent. A strong month or two is followed by a period of weakness. Growing s... More

About This Blog

I’m Bill McLoughlin, Editor in Chief at Furniture Today. In the 25 plus years I’ve covered retail the thing I’ve enjoyed most is the people; hearing their stories, learning about their companies and sharing insights on the business. Through this blog I hope to continue that dialogue. Sometimes you may agree with me, sometimes not. But it’s my hope you will find a fresh perspective and perhaps an idea or two that helps improve your business. I welcome your comments and look forward to a long and productive dialogue.
David Perry

Sleepwell sees election boom

HIGH POINT – Sleepwell executive Paul Kahl sat on a bed in front of the White House – yes, that White House – and said the upcoming election will be good for his business. Kahl is vice president of A.W. Inds., which made its fir... More

About This Blog

David Perry Bedding Editor Hi! I'm David Perry, the bedding editor for Furniture/Today. This is an online version of my Bedding Today column, which appears weekly in the pages of Furniture/Today. I invite you to take advantage of this blog format to share your comments on the topics that I tackle each week..
Thomas Lester

#MattressTags: 4 ways to sleep better

Best ways to get better sleep We all know that it's important to get a good night's sleep and that the proper mattress is a critical piece of the puzzle. Here, offers four more things that might help folks sleep better. Use the... More

About This Blog

#MattressTags takes a new approach to bedding, bringing you unique, offbeat and at times humorous news that might not make the headlines but that we think is important to business and the people who conduct it, nonetheless... Our hope is to inform, enlighten and maybe make you smile. (Sponsored by Spring Air.)