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Dean Horowitz 2016


Don’t worry, this one will not amount to much of your business. (sarcasm) Do customers want to spend an afternoon looking through your furniture store(s) to feel, try-out and understand the products they are going to put into their homes? ... More

About This Blog

This blog is focused on bringing the Furniture/Today community together in a discussion of ideas and technologies that will ensure our individual, and collective, long-term value to the customers we serve. It’s the back and front-office. It’s the opportunities to save money, spend money and connect with information in new and exciting ways. The success of this endeavor will be measured by your contributions and the exchanges that facilitate growth for all involved. We are in this together. Here's to being connected.
Bill Napier

Brand Rant Part I: Do brands matter in the furniture category?

Based on what I see and what I know, the answer is NO. Let me explain why. I spent the better part of a day searching for information on furniture brand relevance, trying to find out if brands matter in the consumer’s path to purchase. Mos... More

About This Blog

Bill Napier is Managing Partner of Napier Marketing Group and a serial disruptor. His thought provoking blog will challenge conventional wisdom, look under the industry’s hood and seek to uncover the critical clues to improving its performance. Bill has been the chief marketing officer of several small, medium and large companies throughout his career, most notably Ashley Furniture Industries Inc., from 2000-2005. His passion is to help retail brands & brick mortar retailers grow their business by creating, guiding and deploying successful marketing B2B/B2C solutions integrating traditional marketing with the web/social media.
David Perry

Three ways to personalize bed sales

62% of consumers say sleep is necessary for them to recharge, restore and refresh themselves. Why it matters: Look at these numbers as keys to personalizing the mattress sale. To make it personal, retail sales associates have to know what their c... More

About This Blog

King Koil
Follow David Perry's latest blog series on the numbers behind the mattress industry. (Sponsored by King Koil.)
Sheila Sanon

4 free ways students can protect their designs

A simple guide to protecting intellectual property. When students ask about protecting their intellectual property, well-meaning professors often inform them that knockoffs are inevitable. Instructors say that we must beat prospective imitators ... More

About This Blog

The Swinging Door blog will cover design education, hot impressions, and fresh commentary on contemporary furniture design from a young designer’s perspective. Sheilla Sanon is a senior furniture design student from Appalachian State University with an endless love for creativity. She is the founder and lead blogger at who enjoys celebrating unsung ideas and achievements in design.
Michael Knell

Elections have no influence over furniture buying

BRIGHTON, Ontario - Federal election season has just ended in Canada. In the U.S., it's just getting started. After writing about furniture manufacturing and retailing for the past 30 years - 25 of them on the pages of this newspaper alone - I've ... More

About This Blog

Michael Knell is Managing Partner of Windsor Bay Communications, Editor and Publisher of, and a veteran of the U.S. and Canadian furniture industries. He was contributed to Furniture/Today since 1991 and has been the organization’s Canadian correspondent for more than two decades. In his North American Perspectives blog Michael will address business and financial issues affecting the furniture business across the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Are you ready for slowing growth, debt-laden shoppers, port layoffs?

First quarter GDP came up a very disappointing 0.5%, calling for a full year of less than 2%. Less than 3% means we are in a no-growth economy. The 0.5% is following a trend of the past three quarters of up 1.4%, up 2% and up 3.9%. One of the pro... More

About This Blog

Kerry Lebensburger is president of sales for Ashley and a graduate of the Wharton School of Commerce and Finance. Since joining Ashley Furniture Industries in 1993 he has served in roles of increasing responsibility and has played a pivotal role in the rise of the company’s retail business to its current position atop Furniture/Today’s Top 100.

Kerry has shared his thoughts via e-mail with a select group of friends and associates for some time, offering his unique and penetrating insights not only on the furniture industry, but on the business, political and economic community at large. He has now agreed to share those insights with Furniture/Today’s audience.
Bill McLoughlin

Is a mobile strategy the key to your survival?

The short answer is likely yes and sooner rather than later. Brendan Jacobson, strategic partner manager for Google's Channel Partnerships Team, speaking at FT's recent Bedding Conference, had some very interesting numbers to share. Like these: ... More

About This Blog

I’m Bill McLoughlin, Editor in Chief at Furniture Today. In the 25 plus years I’ve covered retail the thing I’ve enjoyed most is the people; hearing their stories, learning about their companies and sharing insights on the business. Through this blog I hope to continue that dialogue. Sometimes you may agree with me, sometimes not. But it’s my hope you will find a fresh perspective and perhaps an idea or two that helps improve your business. I welcome your comments and look forward to a long and productive dialogue.
David Perry

One-on-one with Gary Fazio: An icon reflects on his career

The night before, he was the toast of the mattress industry, honored by more than 300 of his colleagues and friends at a gala awards dinner at Furniture/Today's Bedding Conference. But on this night he sat down to dinner with one just one compani... More

About This Blog

David Perry Bedding Editor Hi! I'm David Perry, the bedding editor for Furniture/Today. This is an online version of my Bedding Today column, which appears weekly in the pages of Furniture/Today. I invite you to take advantage of this blog format to share your comments on the topics that I tackle each week..
Thomas Lester

#MattressTags: My quarterback can beat your quarterback

Go team! During the producers’ panel at the 2016 Furniture/Today Bedding Conference held at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa in Tucson, Ariz., a good portion of the conversation revolved around football and quarterbacks because of du... More

About This Blog

#MattressTags takes a new approach to bedding, bringing you unique, offbeat and at times humorous news that might not make the headlines but that we think is important to business and the people who conduct it, nonetheless... Our hope is to inform, enlighten and maybe make you smile. (Sponsored by Spring Air.)

David Stewart

Let’s face it, sales meetings are the worst

After a sales meeting, there's a spike in business, so you celebrate! Over the next two weeks, you notice the numbers begin to slip. By the third week, there is no evidence there was ever a sales meeting at all. Sales meetings are like fruit. The... More

About This Blog

The Furnishing Ideas blog will cover retail training, technology and industry commentary from a Millennial’s point of view. Author Doug Stewart is the director of training at Mega Group USA, a certified instructor for Dale Carnegie Training, a blogger at and you guessed it, a Millennial. Doug has a deep passion for the industry but more importantly, he has a passion for the people of the industry. Learn more about Doug at About.Me/Doug_Stewart. Or connect on Twitter @Doug_Stewart_

Shame on you! OSHA regulation by shaming

It is no secret that under the current administration, OSHA has been increasingly aggressive in its enforcement efforts. OSHA has made apparent its preference for using a “stick” rather than a “carrot” to encourage complian... More

About This Blog

From time to time Furniture/Today invites people inside and outside the industry to post blogs that may interest our readers. If you would like a blog to be considered, please send it to our editor in chief, Bill McLoughlin, at .

David Perry

Purple's clever egg test racks up online views, wins fans

ALPINE, Utah - You could call this "Purple" prose. Yes, there is plenty of good news coming from the folks who recently brought us the Purple Bed. Brothers Tony and Terry Pearce, who founded Purple, are bedding veterans who have been specializing... More

About This Blog

eBedding is a regular column of statistical analysis by bedding ediotr David Perry.  Ideas for future coverage can be shared with Dave at