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The Boring Company

    Elon Musk releases a video explanation of his new venture - The Boring Company. While the Hyperloop is conceivable and exciting, would a series of tunnels with strategically placed elevator shafts and sleds be the answer to traff... More

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This blog is focused on bringing the Furniture/Today community together in a discussion of ideas and technologies that will ensure our individual, and collective, long-term value to the customers we serve. It’s the back and front-office. It’s the opportunities to save money, spend money and connect with information in new and exciting ways. The success of this endeavor will be measured by your contributions and the exchanges that facilitate growth for all involved. We are in this together. Here's to being connected.
Courtney Thabet

Fear and Millennials in Orlando

Last week, after celebrating my two month anniversary with PBM, I presented research in front of more than 300 people at the 2016 Furniture Today Leadership Conference. As a former professor who had to speak in front of people daily, I did not th... More

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Welcome to Progressive Business Media’s research blog where I will talk research mostly related to the home furnishing industry. The research may include studies we here at PBM have done ourselves, or something I have come across that just piques my interest (and, hopefully, yours too!). I encourage you to share your thoughts and insights and contribute to the discussion. Contact me at

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” - Zora Neale Hurston
David Perry

3 key demographic groups and their mattress-buying habits

6.6 and $726 This is the expected mattress replacement cycle in years for consumers between the ages of 18 and 35, and the price that consumers in that age group are willing to pay for a queen-sized mattress. Why it matters: This is a good news/... More

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King Koil
Follow David Perry's latest blog series on the numbers behind the mattress industry. (Sponsored by King Koil.)
Thomas Lester

#MattressTags: Being social and having fun

Hold it right there Bedding accessory supplier Malouf is always game for a little bit of fun on social media. Remember their biodegradable mattress on April Fool's Day? The gang from Logan, Utah is at it again, this time with the popular #Manne... More

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Mattress Tags
#MattressTags takes a new approach to bedding, bringing you unique, offbeat and at times humorous news that might not make the headlines but that we think is important to business and the people who conduct it, nonetheless... Our hope is to inform, enlighten and maybe make you smile. (Sponsored by Spring Air.)

More furniture recalls coming for tipover risk

Neal Cohen is a product safety attorney based in Washington. A former CPSC Small Business Ombudsman, Cohen now assists manufacturers with compliance with CPSC regulatory requirements and investigations. Buried in an otherwise bureaucratic meetin... More

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From time to time Furniture/Today invites people inside and outside the industry to post blogs that may interest our readers. If you would like a blog to be considered, please send it to our editor in chief, Bill McLoughlin, at .

David Perry

Brady scores for Beautyrest Black and gives me a Twitter boost, too

I got in the huddle with Tom Brady this year, went out for a pass and received a perfectly thrown football. Then I ran it in for a touchdown. Translation: My Tom Brady tweets this year were big hits. You may recall that a nine-story-tall image o... More

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eBedding is a regular column of statistical analysis by bedding ediotr David Perry.  Ideas for future coverage can be shared with Dave at

How do you organize your rug assortment?

Pop quiz: What do your customers ask for when looking for a rug? Is it a particular color? How about a certain style? Is price a consideration? Does brand play a factor? Chances are it’s the first three questions listed here in any order. ... More

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Thomas Lester is the assistant editor of Home Accents Today and Furniture/Today.  A veteran journalist and storyteller, Lester will bring the stories behind the partnerships, product innovations and personalities in the home accents and furniture industries to life in this blog.

Jerry Cohen Law and the Business of Furniture blog.

When It’s Time to Sell the Business: A Few of the Key Issues

One of the things I enjoy about working with furniture and home furnishings business owners is how personal it is. But what happens when it’s time to consider selling the business? All of a sudden, one’s personal pride becomes one of t... More

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Thank you for checking out this blog. I am a co-founder of the law firm Cohen Tauber Spievack & Wagner in New York City, and I have worked with furniture and home furnishings clients for more than twenty years. My work entails speaking with businesspeople about their goals and strategies and then working with them in areas including licensing, manufacturing, distribution, intellectual property, technology, business management, and navigating disputes. I’m always interested in hearing from people in our industry about what they are thinking and what they are seeing out there. You can contact me at