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David Perry Bedding Editor Hi! I'm David Perry, the bedding editor for Furniture/Today. This is an online version of my Bedding Today column, which appears weekly in the pages of Furniture/Today. I invite you to take advantage of this blog format to share your comments on the topics that I tackle each week..
  • 5 reasons new Herobed not just another bed-in-box

    So we have yet another entrant in the ever-expanding online mattress retailer category. But this player, Herobed, says it is not a bed-in-a-box copycat. More on that in a moment. Elsewhere in this issue you’ll find my news story on the launch of Herobed, the creation of brothers Jeff and Mark Quinn, who teamed up to launch Spink & Edgar USA and now add Herobed to their day jobs. They say they are combining cause marketing with a smart new mattress that delivers comfort and support for all types of sleepers in one mattress. Not surprisingly, given Mark Quinn’s ... Read More
  • Tier Two bedding producers gain share, seek more growth

    There’s a fascinating story playing out in the mattress industry these days. Call it the Tier Two Comeback. It figures to get a lot more interesting this year. While it’s fashionable to say that “the big keep getting bigger” in Mattressville, a close look at industry data reveals that the Tier Two producers are actually outgaining the big guys. That was the case in 2015 and in 2014, according to the annual reports issued by the International Sleep Products Assn. And now, with Tempur Sealy facing the loss of about 20% of its business this year with the ... Read More
  • Sleep with any woman: Men’s Health has details

    It’s time to take a break from all of the serious talk lately about major bedding divorces and the challenges of online mattress sellers. So this week we will tackle a critical subject: How guys can sleep with women. Hey, this isn’t quite as exciting as it sounds, but there is some excitement in this topic, so read on. A recent issue of Men’s Health caught my eye with a catchy headline: “Sleep With Any Woman.” The subhead added a key qualifier: “Yes, sleep. As in hibernate. (What were you thinking?) Learn to stack easy Zs, and ... Read More
  • Study of online bed buyers raises number of questions

    How satisfied are consumers with the mattress that they bought online? That’s a key question in Mattressville these days, as bed-in-a-box sales continue to accelerate and interest in the online mattress space remains high. Thanks to some research we recently conducted with research partner Restonic, we can now provide some answers to that important question. But, we must warn you, those answers lead to even more questions. Isn’t that always the case? Our consumer research found that about half of those we surveyed — 47% — said they were “very satisfied” with the mattress they bought online, while 41% said ... Read More
  • Digital, sales experts set for Bedding Conference

    Want to improve the digital part of your bedding business? Looking to give your sales force a performance-lifting upgrade? If you want to do those things (and who doesn’t?), you should attend Furniture Today’s upcoming Bedding Conference, which is set for May 10-12 at the PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Yes, those dates represent a slight change from the dates we published earlier, which were May 8-10. When we learned our original dates conflicted with a major industry event, we shifted the Bedding Conference to later that week, in the Wednesday-to-Friday format we ... Read More
  • A Presidents' Day puzzle: Was Lincoln's bed 127 years old?

    As we pause to celebrate Presidents’ Day, a significant event on the mattress landscape, this is a good time to ponder a couple of key questions: Did Lincoln sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom? And what kind of mattress deal did he get? Well, it turns out that Honest Abe probably never slept in the Lincoln Bedroom, which he used as an office. The striking bed in the room today, which features a dramatic headboard, was in the Lincoln White House, but was not used by Lincoln, my Internet research found. I also stumbled across these fascinating facts on the White ... Read More
  • Tempur Sealy, Mattress Firm split leaves both as losers

    That was one high-stakes poker game. Last month, as we now know, Mattress Firm and Tempur Sealy International engaged in talks about continuing their partnership, which has been one of the most fruitful partnerships in the bedding industry, fueling growth at both companies. But this time the parties couldn’t reach a mutually agreeable decision about moving ahead. Tempur Sealy officials said Mattress Firm wanted “significant economic concessions.” Mattress Firm said its customers expect it to provide “innovative products at compelling consumer values.” Somewhere on that concessions-value battleground, firm lines were drawn. And so the companies are parting ways. There ... Read More
  • What’s behind those shorter bed replacement expectations?

    The Better Sleep Council recently released some thought-provoking findings that offer an update on consumers’ perceptions about mattresses and the mattress shopping experience. The BSC survey, a big update on a broad consumer survey last conducted in 2007, found that expectations about mattress life are down significantly and that consumers now expect a new mattress to cost significantly more than they had previously. The big news was that, for the first time, consumers’ expectations about how long a mattress should last have dropped below 10 years. Back in 2007 the expectation was 10.9 years. Now it is 9.4 ... Read More
  • Bob Sherman loomed large on Las Vegas bedding scene

    There he was, much larger than life, once again dominating the mattress scene at the bedding-rich Las Vegas Market. Bob Sherman’s industry comeback is now under way at Restonic, a fact advertised with a huge banner on the World Market Center parking deck. The banner pictured Sherman holding the Restonic logo and just a few well chosen words: “Bob Sherman” in the lower left corner and “Space B926” in the lower right corner. Call that his new business card, an invitation to his many retail friends, a shot across the bow of his new competitors, or even a monumental ... Read More
  • Where to start in Vegas? Try Restonic

    Where should retailers start their Las Vegas Market? With a trip to the Restonic showroom. I don’t usually put Restonic at the very top of my Vegas must-see list, but something big has happened there. A guy named Bob Sherman – remember him? – has acquired three Restonic factories and sees growth for that brand. The coming out party for Bob and his new team, which includes his wife, Barbara, and manufacturing guru Jay Patel, will unfold in Restonic’s showroom. It should be quite a market for them - and for Restonic. And while you are at Restonic, check out the ... Read More
  • RSAs need to master digital world

    The digital world plays a vital role in the mattress shopping journey, a new research study reveals. Unfortunately, retail sales associates are not as well connected as they should be to the elements that bring success in that world. The research, conducted by Furniture/Today in cooperation with our research sponsor, Top 10 bedding producer Restonic, provides a detailed outline of the rapidly changing mattress shopping experience. Perhaps more important, it suggests specific steps that retailers can take to better compete in the online shopping world. One of the big findings of the survey is that 83% of consumers say ... Read More
  • China trip spotlights Ergomotion's growth story

    JIAXING, China – I came face-to-face with a fierce-looking Chinese creature on my whirlwind trip to China the other day. But no worries: This creature, one of two etched in stone at the headquarters of the Shufude Electric Bed Co. here, is a mythical animal who is a symbol of good fortune. And fortune has been smiling on Shufude, which has grown into a worldwide leader in the adjustable bedding category with a focus on quality, officials told me on my quick trip to China, my fourth for Furniture Today, but the first devoted to an adjustable bed maker. I saw ... Read More