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Bedding Today

David Perry
David Perry Bedding Editor Hi! I'm David Perry, the bedding editor for Furniture/Today. This is an online version of my Bedding Today column, which appears weekly in the pages of Furniture/Today. I invite you to take advantage of this blog format to share your comments on the topics that I tackle each week..
  • Sherman returns to stage with Restonic comeback

    The familiar voice on the other end of the phone had some big news for me: He was returning to the bedding industry. It had been three years since I last heard Bob Sherman’s voice, one of the most influential voices in the industry over the years, but one that had grown strangely silent. In case you don’t know, Bob Sherman has a storied history in the bedding industry. He spent 25 years at Serta and led that producer on a remarkable growth surge that saw that brand unseat No. 1 Sealy atop the bedding sales pyramid in ... Read More
  • Five ways Casper delights shoppers

    NEW YORK – Five delightful surprises in Casper’s SoHo pop-up: One: The witty combination of two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements. At first glance the store looks like the website, with strong, straightforward artwork providing architectural details on the walls. But the beds here, unlike those pictured online, are three-dimensional. Yes, consumers can try these beds out, and they do, in various rooms in this Casper House. As you walk through the house, you travel back and forth between the 2-D and 3-D worlds. Here are drawings. There is a real bed. Here are more drawings. There is a real display cabinet ... Read More
  • Bedding’s history books see a tough year in cards

    Welcome to a new year! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news so early in this new year, but I have to tell you that the bedding industry is beginning a year that will end in negative territory. Yes, a bedding recession year is looming. That, my friends in Mattressville, is what a look at the bedding history books reveals. The last time a Republican beat a two-term Democratic incumbent — back in 2000 — the bedding industry plunged into negative territory in the Republican’s first year in office. The Republican, of course, was George W. Bush, and his first ... Read More
  • Sense of optimism abounds as industry eyes new year

    Looking for 10 reasons for optimism about bedding’s prospects in the new year? Check out our bedding outlook on page 40 in this issue. We’ve put them together in a nice list for you. The executive summary reads like this: A contentious presidential election is, thankfully, behind us. Now consumers will return to their more optimistic ways, buying mattresses and other home furnishings products. And positive economic indicators will fuel growth. Those factors will spark unit growth in the low to mid-single digits, with higher dollar gains, several producers are predicting. There is a major wild card for ... Read More
  • ‘The original sleeping pill’ makes a powerful point

    The mattress industry needs to do a better job of marketing itself. We need a catchy slogan to help us stand out from the crowd. I hereby propose this one: The original sleeping pill.Yes, our product does deliver a better night of sleep, and thus ushers in the long list of benefits that come with that: You look better, feel better, are less likely to gain weight, perform better on tests, perform better on the athletic field and perform better in life.Who wouldn’t want those benefits?But, for a number of reasons, our industry has never been ... Read More
  • About that turkey at Serta...

    I saw a turkey at Serta last week. No, I'm not referring to any of the company's products. Shame on you for even thinking that. This turkey was in some turkey plumage that adorns Serta Counting Sheep No. 1, who welcomes visitors to the company’s Hoffman Estates, Ill., headquarters. While many of us are looking forward to turkey this Thanksgiving, Counting Sheep No. 1 faces a big rectangle of lush grass – a fine meal in the sheep kingdom. That fun display gives me this opportunity to wish all of you in Mattressville a healthy, happy and safe ... Read More
  • Crazy presidential contest derailed business this year

    What happened to that strong growth year we were supposed to have in 2016? And why didn't anyone see this challenging year coming? In my conversations with industry leaders, both at the recent High Point Market and in my travels in the field, I’ve found plenty of support for the idea that bedding business this year is down overall. Reports from publicly held bedding companies confirm that thinking, and now the International Sleep Products Assn. has provided evidence supporting that view. ISPA’s just-released third quarter sales trend report shows bedding units down 2.2% for the first ... Read More
  • Bedding market boomed via action on Twitter

    It was a booming bedding market. Traffic was brisk. The engagement levels were sky high. No, I'm not talking about what happened at the brick-and-mortar bedding portion of the recent High Point Market. That version was lightly attended. Yes, some bedding companies did well, as some always do, but the overall bedding vibe was lackluster, it seemed to me. In contrast, the online version of the High Point bedding market, the one I conducted on Twitter, was a big hit. My tweets were up 26.2% in October. My tweet impressions were up 62.4%. Mentions were up 190 ... Read More
  • Early Vegas preview: Danican sets 3D design

    In a very early January Las Vegas Market preview, I can now report that specialty bedding producer Danican is introducing a new "geometric comfort" program that features a "3D string fabric construction." Details to come. Yes, just as the High Point Market fades from our radar screens, another market looms in the distance. Like waves rolling ashore, the markets roll on with their own rhythms. Every 90 days a new market arrives. I was reminded of that fact when my friends at California-based Danican sent me an overview of their January introductions the other day. In so doing, Danican officially ... Read More
  • Sleepwell sees election boom

    HIGH POINT – Sleepwell executive Paul Kahl sat on a bed in front of the White House – yes, that White House – and said the upcoming election will be good for his business. Kahl is vice president of A.W. Inds., which made its first High Point Market showing this week, spotlighting the company’s private label line, Sleepwell. The Sleepwell showroom in the International Home Furnishings Center featured pictures of some of the famous landmarks in the Landover, Md.-based company’s back yard, including the Washington Monument and the White House. I had Kahl take my picture in front of ... Read More
  • 'Moby-Dick' goes to market

    AT THE MARKET - Call me Dave. I come to you today to offer some savvy market advice: Enjoy your journey in High Point. And delight in the many diversions along the way. That handy guide to the fall edition of market comes to you courtesy of "Moby-Dick." “Moby-Dick”? Yes, Herman Melville’s masterpiece, published 165 years ago this week, is sweeping and grand enough to still speak to us today, and even this week at market. All it takes is a huge “Moby-Dick” fan like yours truly to unlock some of the eternal truths in a book that was a ... Read More
  • Fall market provides opportunity for in-depth bedding discussions

    Welcome back to High Point, bedding friends. My favorite High Point Market, the fall edition, is now in session. Yes, I will be looking for candy corn and other signs of autumn in showrooms across the market. And I will be enjoying the fall colors that make this such a spectacular season in my home of North Carolina. No, this isn’t as hectic as the bedding-packed Las Vegas Market, where major product launches are made each January. But the calmer pace in High Point, mattress-wise, makes this a good market for in-depth conversations with bedding players of all sizes ... Read More