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#MattressTags takes a new approach to bedding, bringing you unique, offbeat and at times humorous news that might not make the headlines but that we think is important to business and the people who conduct it, nonetheless... Our hope is to inform, enlighten and maybe make you smile. (Sponsored by Spring Air.)

  • #MattressTags: Being social and having fun

    Hold it right there Bedding accessory supplier Malouf is always game for a little bit of fun on social media. Remember their biodegradable mattress on April Fool's Day? The gang from Logan, Utah is at it again, this time with the popular #MannequinChallenge in which people are videoed frozen in a pose like a mannequin. "After watching a few, we decided we had to participate and I think it turned out well," said Jake Neeley, Malouf's marketing communications director. "We did this in one shot with most people from our Logan office; I'm proud of everyone for ... Read More
  • #MattressTags: 4 ways to sleep better

    Best ways to get better sleep We all know that it's important to get a good night's sleep and that the proper mattress is a critical piece of the puzzle. Here, Steptohealth.com offers four more things that might help folks sleep better. Use them in your in-store conversations with consumers to position yourself as a sleep expert.   Fostering a better community Top 100 retailer Mattress Firm does a lot of work in its communities to help foster kids. This month, it is collecting shoes as part of its Mattress Firm Foster Kids Shoe Drive, and it's ... Read More
  • #MattressTags: It's Sleeptember

    Better health through sleep The American Sleep Apnea Association has rolled out a new year-round campaign called Sleeptember, designed to create fun and engaging online and community events in order to raise awareness of the public health impact of sleep loss. The Sleeptember campaign is encouraging people to "Go Dark" and take a pledge to turn off the lights and electronic devices a bit earlier this month in order to add 15 minutes of sleep each week or seek other ways to improve their sleep health.The ASAA notes untreated sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss are associated with a ... Read More
  • #MattressTags: Making memories

    Better sleep=sharper memory Have you ever wondered why a day after getting a poor night's sleep you have trouble remembering things? A report from New Scientist takes a look at the theory that sleep is actually the brain's way of "defragmenting" after a long day. Giulio Tononi, of the University of Wisconsin, studied this theory in lab mice and discovered that there were differences in the size of synapses (or connections between brain cells). So in addition to the many other reasons to sell a better night's sleep, don't forget the smart story. School days ... Read More
  • #MattressTags: How to set a world record

    A record that kept falling...and falling On July 23 in Wuhan City, a new Guinness World Record was set for the longest human/mattress chain of toppled dominoes. Ayd Home Furnishings teamed with Chinese mattress maker Stylution and the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises to put on the event, which coincided with the retailer's 24th anniversary. Following the festivities, Stylution donated 300 mattresses to a local charity that helps people affected by flooding. In all, there were 2016 people strapped to mattresses in a 4 kilometer chain that wrapped multiple times around a shopping mall. It bested the ... Read More
  • #MattressTags: You're going to sleep where?!?

    Living (and sleeping) on the edge For most of us, the bed is the preferred place to sleep. However, there are always those among us who crave adventure and excitement and wouldn't mind if they found themselves nodding off in unusual places. Dreams, a retailer based in the UK, offers up eight such weird places where only the daring might catch their 40 winks. So here's a question to ask while you look this list over: would you go to sleep inside a shark tank?     Sleep, international style What is considered to be a traditional good night's ... Read More
  • #MattressTags: Championship dreams

    Get your sleep, win a ring  In this space a few months back, we looked at how Golden State's Andre Iguodala leaned on sleep en route to winning the Most Valuable Player award in last year's NBA finals. His team, the Warriors, have become the standard bearers of the NBA over the past two years led by two-time MVP Stephen Curry (left), racking up more regular season wins (73) in 2015-2016 than any team in league history en route to another trip to the Finals before losing in an epic to Cleveland on Sunday night. It turns out ... Read More
  • #MattressTags: My quarterback can beat your quarterback

    Go team! During the producers’ panel at the 2016 Furniture/Today Bedding Conference held at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa in Tucson, Ariz., a good portion of the conversation revolved around football and quarterbacks because of dueling campaigns by Simmons and Tempur-Pedic. The new spokesperson for Simmons’ Beautyrest Black line is New England Patriots QB Tom Brady while New Orleans Saints signal caller Drew Brees signed on to tout Tempur-Pedic’s Tempur Breeze mattresses. Both campaigns have been successful in their early stages, which prompted discussion during a producers’ roundtable on the last day of the conference. Jeff Willard ... Read More
  • #MattressTags: Sleep 101

    Teaching better sleep at college College students, enter to #win a @bedgear #SleepFuel prize https://t.co/yYJrHr3R3L #SleepRevolution pic.twitter.com/QMtF1Gbeyt - Arianna Huffington (@ariannahuff) April 29, 2016 Author, columnist and entrepreneur Arianna Huffington has become one of the most visible sleep advocates in recent years after a well-documented episode of the effects of sleep deprivation. Most recently, Huffington has authored the book "The Sleep Revolution" and, as part of it, is undertaking the Huffington Post’s Sleep Revolution College Tour on 50 campuses across the country, drawing on the latest science to raise awareness and spark a national ... Read More
  • #MattressTags: The domino effect

    We all fall down Aaron's a rent-to-own heavyweight, recently added another title to its credit: Guinness World Record Holder. The Atlanta-based company set the record for the world's largest human/mattress domino chain, as 1,200 Aaron's associates (and mattresses) participated during the company's National Managers Meeting at the Gaylord National Resort in Washington, D.C. on March 23. As part of breaking the record, Aaron's donated all 1,200 mattresses to A Wider Circle, an organization focused on ending individual and family poverty, and to the Sasha Bruce and Wanda Alston youth homeless shelters ... Read More
  • #MattressTags: How to sleep better

    Improved sleep through better positioning How do you sleep? Are you one of those folks who falls asleep on your back? On your side? Which side? Did you know that certain positions are better for sleeping? Thanks to this blog post from Sleep Train, now you do.         More than a midnight snack We've all been there: You didn't get a good night's sleep the night before and you're ravenously hungry. Next thing you know, there are fast food wrappers, an empty bag of potato chips and two empty cans of soda at your feet. What if ... Read More
  • #MattressTags: Seventh inning snooze

    Wake – I mean – Take me out to the ballgame Throughout Florida and Arizona, Major League Baseball teams are currently in the midst of Spring Training, getting ready for the grind of another 162-game season. One team, the New York Yankees, is encouraging its players to get more rest based on the findings of a 2013 American Academy of Sleep Medicine study. The study found that fatigue can negatively impact plate discipline and strike-zone judgment, and suggested that baseball teams "may be able to gain a competitive edge by focusing on fatigue management."     No snooze bar required     The alarm clock: it ... Read More