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  • The truth about Facebook

    Mark Kinsley, VP of marketing, bedding group at Leggett and Platt, gave a presentation at the MegaGroup Conference about stepping up your digital and social marketing. The presentation had great nuggets of actionable information, but it was something he said about Facebook that caught my ear: “Ask tough questions, like, does Facebook add value or am I doing this because I’m scared not to? Or because I still think it’s free?” Those are tough questions, and they bring up an interesting point. Facebook is a great place to connect with family and friends, catch up on current events ... Read More
  • How can VR be used in the furniture industry?

    Augmented reality has caused quite a buzz in the furniture industry lately, but what about virtual reality? There are two reasons why I feel VR won’t make a significant impact on retail and design: My personal experience with VR leads me to believe that shopping for furniture or designing a room with virtual reality won’t be as fun as it sounds. I’ve played a few VR games and simulations, and I feel the power and potential of VR is going to make shopping or designing with VR boring compared to the other things you can do with ... Read More
  • Disruptors: Imaginary or necessary?

    The other day I stumbled upon a LinkedIn post about disruptors by Alberto Brea, executive director of engagement planning at OgilvyOne Worldwide. It said:   “Amazon did not kill the retail industry. They did it to themselves with bad customer service. Netflix did not kill Blockbuster. They did it to themselves with ridiculous late fees. Uber did not kill the taxi business. They did it to themselves (by limiting the number of taxis with) fare control. Apple did not kill the music industry. They did it to themselves by forcing people to buy full-length albums. Airbnb did not kill the hotel ... Read More
  • What Jimmy Johns can teach the furniture industry

    Back in college I applied for a job at the chain sub shop Jimmy Johns. There were two parts to the application: the basic application form, background check, etc., and memorizing what was on each sandwich. Before securing the job, I had to take a test and write out what each sandwich had on it. As I stood in Jimmy Johns buying a sandwich the other day, I thought about how useful this technique could be to furniture retailers. It’s obvious that having salespeople memorize your product’s details means they can be more helpful to customers. In fact ... Read More
  • Why augmented reality for retail needs to be top notch

    Augmented reality has amazing potential for the furniture industry, but we need to hold it to high standards for the sake of the customer and your business. Customers won’t settle for poor graphics, awkward positioning and frequent glitches in their augmented reality. They want technology that runs smoothly, is intuitive and solves their problem of visualizing a room fully furnished. I recently stumbled upon Pair, an augmented reality app for the iPhone and iPad that allows users to drop furniture in their own room and see how the room looks furnished. With Pair, you take a picture of a ... Read More
  • The wonderful world of the Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to change the world as we know it. IoT is the idea that all devices can be connected to the Internet and to each other digitally. Its aim is to affect your life positively by allowing you to interact with everyday objects, like a mirror or a door, through the Internet. Seventy percent of retailers see the IoT in their near future, and 79% of North American retailers are investing in IoT technologies, according to The 2017 Retail Vision Study, commissioned by Zebra Technologies. IoT has already started affecting furniture manufacturing and retail ... Read More
  • Do consumers want to use augmented reality?

    Augmented reality (AR) is one of the most talked about emerging retail technologies this year, and AR companies insist that it’s the next step in retail evolution. In the furniture industry, AR apps are used to show and place different products in realistic rooms. And while the industry is still divided on the use, there’s one critical question we need to ask: Do consumers want it? According to a study released by digital agency Code Computerlove, consumers would rather see improvements to products and services they already use instead of something new. While AR and virtual reality were ... Read More
  • 5 innovations propelling the furniture industry into the future

    Over the past few years, great strides in technological innovations have been made within the furniture industry, but we have only begun to see the potential of advanced technology for the industry. Here are five innovations that are just beginning to propel the industry into the future. Augmented reality. We’ve all heard about AR by this point. From Ikea to Williams-Sonoma, AR apps for retail are gaining ground like never before. AR’s ability to show what furniture looks like in a customer’s home, and even test if it will fit in a certain space, is changing the ... Read More
  • 4 awesome podcasts for people in the furniture industry

    Podcasts are growing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. Instead of having to tune in at a certain time every day, you can listen to different podcasts and episodes whenever you want.  While there are still relatively few podcasts solely about the furniture industry, other podcasts offer information and ideas that can be just as helpful to furniture brands. Here are four podcasts you may find worth your time and attention: Design Between the Lines Design Between the Lines is a design and home furnishings podcast by the American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD).  Host John ... Read More
  • 3 essential statistics about using mobile devices for online searches

    At the April 2017 High Point Market, Phillips Mitchell, an analyst with Google, gave a presentation on how to win micro moments. You can read all about what she had to say about micro moments, but she also presented three search statistics that are essential for furniture companies to know. 57% of searches for furniture come from mobile, while only 33% come from a computer. We knew mobile was growing, but now we know that more than half of searches for furniture come from mobile. That’s a huge number, and it’s likely to grow in the next few ... Read More
  • How to create micro moments that win

    Phillips Mitchell, an agency strategist at Google, was the keynote speaker at spring High Point Market last week. Her presentation focused on the opportunity that a fragmented customer journey can offer in the form of micro moments. The fragmented customer journey is something of a buzz term nowadays, and it refers to how people are getting information from different places, like Netflix, Youtube and Snapchat, instead of traditional sources like cable television. Marketers need to be where consumers are, and so they have to branch out into these other platforms. Micro moments, according to Google, occur when people “reflexively turn ... Read More
  • One change furniture brands can make to attract Millennials

    If you could do one thing that not only helps the world but also attracts Millennials to your brand, would you do it? If you answered yes, then you better start thinking about your social responsibility. A recent study by Cone Communications found that 66% of Millennials are more likely to engage with a brand that is socially responsible. And that isn’t the only company to find stats like this. By now, it’s almost a given that Millennials respond to companies who share their concern for social and environmental good. This opportunity is something furniture brands can benefit ... Read More