Formalized Curiosity

Courtney Thabet
Welcome to Progressive Business Media’s research blog where I will talk research mostly related to the home furnishing industry. The research may include studies we here at PBM have done ourselves, or something I have come across that just piques my interest (and, hopefully, yours too!). I encourage you to share your thoughts and insights and contribute to the discussion. Contact me at

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” - Zora Neale Hurston
  • Fear and Millennials in Orlando

    Last week, after celebrating my two month anniversary with PBM, I presented research in front of more than 300 people at the 2016 Furniture Today Leadership Conference. As a former professor who had to speak in front of people daily, I did not think I would be nervous. Man, was I wrong. The nerves did not hit until five minutes before presentation. And while I did not fall or trip (a minor miracle), my voice did shake while speaking. Generally, I think a little bit of fear and adrenaline is good; one can use it to boost your energy for ... Read More
  • An introduction

    I have just started my fourth week as a research consultant for Progressive Business Media (PBM) and would like to introduce myself. My passion for research stems from my love numbers and figuring things out. I am a puzzle solver. I love mysteries (thank you, Scooby Doo, for introducing me to the genre), logic puzzles, word games, math puzzles, the Fibonacci sequence and the like. I am originally from California and have a penchant for calling people “Dude” because of where I was raised. Other things I am passionate about: my family, animals (especially cats, turtles and hippos), reading, the ... Read More