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Logistics and Home Delivery

Pat Cory blog
Pat Cory is the newly appointed CEO of Cory Home Delivery, one of the oldest and largest specialized home delivery carriers in America, today in its third generation of family management and ownership. Headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, the company serves many of the top 100 furniture, appliance, and electronics retailers.,
  • David vs. Goliath

    The latest buzzword in the industry, of course, is e-commerce accompanied by omni-channel selling through varied shopping conduits. Doing business this way sounds trendy and exciting, but there are many pitfalls accompanying it, from loss of personal contact to shipping product to the consumer and more. The truth is that small retailers who try to compete in this market have an advantage over the big boys primarily because of their physical presence with a storefront, a point of contact, and customer service. Most studies have proven that consumers will shop in the store before making their final purchase of furniture ... Read More
  • Ending Free Delivery

    If today's economy has taught us anything, it's that people will pay a premium for delivery of a product that they want.The perfect example illustrating this ever-growing phenomenon is the Internet-based company Amazon. A winning price/value formula is the basis of its ongoing success, and people are happy to pay a premium price for an item valued at $14.99 just to have it delivered the next day. We all know that a product needs to offer value through price and/or quality to do well. Taking this a step further, providing a superior quality product ... Read More
  • Defining White-Glove Service

    Many delivery companies talk about performing white-glove deliveries. Such service in reality involves more than simply wearing white gloves when bringing furniture into the home.A true white-glove delivery is about the consumer feeling that the level of service she is receiving exceeds her expectations. It is about her feeling pleased that the delivery professionals took the time to explain the delivery process and about her feeling safe in her home. It's about her not feeling rushed for the delivery to be completed as well as her feeling grateful to the delivery team for placing the product where she ... Read More
  • Cell Phones and Safety

    We all know that distraction is a key factor in texting and talking on a cell phone while driving. It is imperative that we discuss and preach this message to our professional delivery drivers daily, especially now that our teams are equipped to use smart phones and tablets to communicate information about their progress, delivery status, and more. Though we can talk about not using these devices while driving in theoretical terms very easily, the key message I would like to bring home here is exactly why we should never use these distractions while driving.Recently in northern New Jersey ... Read More
  • The Never-Ending Driver Shortage

    As an industry, what can we do to attract good home delivery drivers?The reality is that we expect a lot from them. Drivers must be DOT-compliant, watch hours of service, be safe, and lift heavy furniture, appliances and electronics without damaging customers' homes.Good drivers, of course, are highly valuable. Closing every sale is completed by the delivery team. Drivers are in effect an extension of the in-store sales team for both the retailer and the delivery company.The challenge we face is in retaining them. The bottom line is that we must find ways to compensate and incentivize ... Read More
  • Technology’s Impact

    It goes without saying that the Internet has forever altered the way we all do business. In terms of the ways customers interact with retailers, it is a real game-changer. and eBay serve as good examples. Their customers today have more choices than ever before when it comes to being active participants in the delivery experience.It is a point well-taken in the home furnishings industry. To be more competitive, we have to be able to allow consumers to choose how they want us to communicate with them.Do they want to schedule and confirm through e-mail, cell ... Read More
  • A Clarification and In-Box vs. Open and Prep

    First, I would like to address some of the comments that arose from my last blog and thank everyone who commented. (see earlier post)I would also like to acknowledge a mistake in my observations. Moving forward, I need to be sure they are thought out and encompass diverse viewpoints.The message I want to communicate here is that though there are very good companies who deliver nationally and internationally, there is no company in operation with the scope, scale and service levels of either UPS or FedEx. As home-delivery carriers, we have the opportunity -- an excellent one at that ... Read More
  • Internet Deliveries

    With the rise of e-commerce, last-mile delivery is an issue of key concern. To best meet the demand for the service, we need to consider two points: innovation and education. Innovation. When it comes to small-box deliveries, Internet retailers can easily use UPS or FedEx to ship to any zip code without a problem. Both the retailer and the consumer are able to track the delivery and have the customer signature.Last-mile delivery for large products, however, simply does not exist. There is no nationwide company to handle these last-mile deliveries. LTL companies are set up to provide threshold deliveries ... Read More
  • Impact of logistics

    Welcome to the launch of "Logistics and Home Delivery," where we'll be weighing in on various aspects of both and how they impact the retail furniture business.Logistics, you'll likely agree, is a fuzzy word that encompasses many meanings, while home delivery sounds like mere after-sale heavy lifting. Truth be told, the process of procuring and distributing home furnishings involves so much more.To that end, we'll address the concerns of retailers and discuss issues affecting home delivery, from fuel costs, prepping furniture, technology, and industry regulations, to hours of service, recruiting delivery contractors, safety, and warehousing ... Read More