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Crunch Time

Dan Minor
Barry Abraham and Dan Minor of Pure Home will discuss the need for change and integration within the home décor industry - it's time to change the way we do business, and we need to do it together in order to see a successful future in our industry.
  • Exploring the Ideal Pricing Model

    I'm excited - there are clear signs our industry is finally starting to move forward and implement change where it's been long-needed. Better late than never, right? But these changes are moving toward a problem that the industry of home décor has never really been able to get a handle on: pricing or more formally know as purchasing price parity which includes product cost, taxes, delivery, and consumer risk).In the past, manufacturers have been all over the board with Manufacturer's Recommended Price (MRP) policies, Minimal Advertised Price (MAP) policies, and more. In fact, there isn't really ... Read More
  • Furniture Market To-Do List:

    Another market is upon us and there will be no doubt that everyone either showing or shopping will have specific areas of needs to fill. Manufacturers will be looking to grow their distribution into underserved territories and strengthening commitments from established accounts. Retailers will be looking for inspiration, filling category voids and to replacing slower selling items. We all have things that must be accomplished during the most important time for our industry. I wanted to add a couple of items for consideration to the list of necessary things to be accomplished at market. Manufacturers - What is your Internet policy ... Read More
  • Exploring a New Distribution Network

    In response to one of my blog posts back in September, a ‘Disgusted Industry Veteran' commented that, "The distribution network of the 20th century is dead." He or she is right — the fact is, retail stores are not seeing the traffic they did in years' past. The customer is starting shopping experience from the comfort of her sofa or kitchen table. She doesn't have to hunt down the closest retail store for a spark of decorating creativity — it's at her fingertips. More and more consumers have never or rarely set foot in an actual furniture store, and the ... Read More
  • Hope and Change

    Hope and Change were very popular words just a few short years ago, and the premise behind them — when used in conjunction — was to have hope for the future and to change the status quo. Both were very noble thoughts, and my "hope" is that massive "change" will come to some of the reckless policies that our government has been engaged in. But I want to use the terms as they relate to our beloved furniture industry. After many years of sales declines or very modest increases, I feel I could say very confidently that all members of our industry ... Read More
  • How the Brain Shops, and Why It Likes Online Shopping

    Hopefully by now, it's becoming common knowledge in our industry that our customers (mostly women) are spending their shopping time online. Instead of beating a dead horse and discussing that fact in more depth, with this blog post I'd like to explore a little more about the ‘why?' factor: Why is she shopping online? She's shopping online for a number of reasons, but here are the top drivers: • It's convenient and suits a busy woman's lifestyle (she can shop whenever and wherever she wants especially a work).• It's socially connected and she can get ... Read More
  • The Catalyst for Change is HERE

    The most quoted line that I have heard for the last six years is that, "we can't wait for things to turn around!" This is referring to the magic day when people start buying product again like they used to. I am hopeful for that day also, and want it to come to pass. In the meantime, retailers and manufacturers alike have been searching on their own for that silver bullet or catalyst to jump-start things. Both retailers and manufacturers have tried to discount their way to create that catalyst, and in the end with that method, no one ... Read More
  • Be Choosy With the Company You Keep

    When you were a teenager, your mom probably advised you at one point that, "You are judged by the company you keep." Your rebellious friends with questionable character who "fractured" a few rules from time to time were the wrong crowd to associate with if you wanted to succeed in life. She was right then, and the same message applies today with your company. So why are manufacturers allowing their brands to be taken down by association with questionable websites and poor business practices?In light of the struggles home décor and furniture manufacturers have faced in the last several ... Read More
  • She Doesn’t Have to Sit in it!

    The great thing about working in the furniture Industry is the opportunity to be around highly creative people who are passionate about what they do and the products they produce. Having had the chance to visit and tour many factories that make both case goods and upholstery, the one thing I have always been left with is these manufacturers' pride in the craftsmanship that went into every single piece. It has also been very rewarding to speak to these true craftsmen, and realize that many of them have been doing this job for decades. It shows in their product. But ... Read More
  • Control vs. Support in the Manufacturer-Retailer Relationship

    Let me focus on manufacturers for this post, because I deeply feel that these industry leaders need to enact change in their relationships with retailers. Up until now, brands command the table when it comes to getting their products disbursed to retail channels, but then they back off and let the retailer do their thing without much help or support. On a large scale, this model may seem to work just fine; products are still selling, right? But, then why is our industry unraveling at the seams? While it's not easy or fun to admit, it's in large ... Read More
  • The Internet Report Card

    The long-term success of every business, regardless if it is furniture or toothpaste, depends on the business being a force online! I've put together a helpful grading tool to measure where you are with your Internet presence. Figure out your ‘grade' and make changes as necessary ...F (Failing) - We have a company website that has our location, names of our brands, store hours, and maybe a promotion that we are running this month.D (Below Average) - Our website has (in addition to the basics) a store locator to send local consumers to the closest retailer, and the retailer has ... Read More
  • The 1-800 Days Are Back

    No, you didn't misread that title; it's true, the 1-800 days are back. However, I'm not talking about the old 1-800 days; the way this modern 1-800 system works is an even bigger challenge for the brick-and-mortar retailer. Why? Because the Internet provides your customers access to information and endless options to choose from at the click of a button, at which point they pick up the phone to call this online purveyor, who will place the order and ship into your territory.These devious businesses are no longer the few under-cutting, insidious companies that advertised slashed ... Read More
  • Making Your P&L Work

    The election is over and we finally - after nearly two years - know a little more about what the next four years will look like. Regardless of which side of the political fence you sit on, there are some things that you MUST expect that will affect your business. Depending on how you have set up your business, most of us will be looking at some type of tax increase in the coming months. You will also be paying more for your health insurance. This is not a criticism of the current administration, but they are the stated intentions in policy ... Read More