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Mike Root

Here is a FREE GIFT that Will Turn Your Business Around

January 22, 2010

This past weekend my son and I attended the Outrageous Advertising Academy in Orlando Florida. This was a gathering of sharp marketers and entrepreneurs from all over the world, all drawn together on the basis of a new USA Today Best Selling book by my friend and marketing mentor Bill Glazer
OUTRAGEOUS Advertising That’s OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful.
Bill and I spoke at length on how difficult it is in the furniture business and I made a comment on how great it would be to share the ideas in his book with people in the furniture industry. Bill has worked on and off with the retailers in the furniture industry and he made an offer you will not want to refuse.
He offered to a limited number of people in the furniture industry who read my blog the opportunity to get a FREE copy of this incredibly insightful marketing book about out of the box strategies that any business can use to catapult their sales in this tough economy. Just go to this link and Bill and I will give you a FREE Copy of the book.
There is a wealth of applications that retailers and reps can use in their sales and marketing efforts and for a very limited time the book is Bill’s and my gift to you.
PLUS Bill agreed to give away an INSTANT download of his most OUTRAGEOUS award-winning sales letter that has been used successfully in 57 business categories including the furniture business. It is an awesome letter.
Over the years, I’ve personally learned many OUTRAGEOUSLY successful marketing lessons from him. And his NEW book is incredible…
In this book Bill shows you:
• How to apply OUTRAGEOUS Advertising to ANY Business
• How OUTRAGEOUS Works Online & Offline
• The Most POWERFUL Marketing Tool (and how to use it)
• How to Harness the POWER of Testimonials
• How to use PREMIUMS to SkyRocket Response
• How to use Holidays in your Advertising
• Dozens of Really OUTRAGEOUS Real-Life Examples (that you can use right away)
So if you have ever suffered from a lack of OUTRAGEOUSLY successful advertising ideas, I highly recommend you grab a copy of this book NOW - and you can’t beat the price (FREE)…
But don’t wait or ‘think about it’ as Bill and I will only give away a LIMITED number of copies of his book OUTRAGEOUS Advertising That’s OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful
PS. This is a true gift from Bill and me to my readers. The book currently retails for $19.95 and has been on several business book’s best seller lists over the past couple of months.
PSS. I actually did this to see if anyone is actually reading my blog. I figured a bribe was in order and Bill agreed to help. But it is truly a terrific book and will help you grow your business whether you are a rep, a retailer, a designer or even a factory guy. Pick up a copy of the book OUTRAGEOUS Advertising That’s OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful for Free.