Research Says

The quest for quality

December 3, 2009

Three-fourths of home furnishings shoppers are looking for quality product. That’s one of the key findings from the more than 8,500 U.S. consumers responding to Furniture/Today and HGTV’s exclusive survey, The 2010 Consumer.Here’s what several home furnishings shoppers have to say about quality.

“I’m looking for better quality products that will last longer for the price rather than cheaply-made items.” 41-year-old from Ohio

“We’re buying quality things to last and changing the smaller items to give an updated look.” 61-year-old from Utah

“I’m looking for items that are very well made.” 30-year-old from Washington

“I try to be a little more rational on pieces that what will last longer while remaining stylish and functional.” 24-year-old from Maryland

“We’re buying furniture that will last a long time - product that’s not too trendy to become outdated quickly.” 33-year-old from Georgia

“The economy has made me even more apt to buy quality rather than quantity.” 56-year-old from Colorado

“Our furniture needs to last because we consider it an investment.” 40-year-old from Texas

“I look for more value and quality - a piece that will last over the years yet look great.” 43-year-old from Illinois

“I save the money before purchasing and I only buy good quality that will last.” 50-year-old from Texas

“I am saving to buy one piece of furniture at a time. Now it’s about value and quality.” 38-year-old from Alabama

“Now I think about quality and whether the furniture I purchase will stand the test of time.” 44-year-old from Missouri

Results of The 2010 Consumer will first be presented during Furniture/Today’s Leadership Conference and look for results in Furniture/Today’s December 7, 2009, print issue.