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Clint Engel

Gallery to keep customer/buyers focused on product and fun

October 16, 2009

Last week, we reported the exciting news about Houston-based Gallery Furniture’s plan to bring a group of consumer/buyers to High Point this week to seek out new product for its floors.One question we had: What if these consumers experience reverse sticker shock when they get here? Will they blog about it? Will they ever want to pay retail again?

In an e-mail, Gallery’s Gil Velasquez offered a thoughtful response. We included a brief summary of his thoughts in the story, but here’s a longer version of what he said :

“That is a legitimate question and very thought-provoking, obviously. I would say most customers know products are marked up, and we should first give the customer credit in this regard - the very breadth of information available online is immense, and she’ll find it during her online furniture expedition.

“Likewise, given the caliber of people who have applied to Win the Trip with Gallery Furniture, and some of their backgrounds (from architects to jewelry designers to home stagers to teachers), not only do I seriously doubt there will be sticker shock, I am confident they will understand business values. The idea is to blog about the experience, and to bring energy to the beauty and the process of how the whole thing comes together. After all, Jane Q. Customer knows that a Ralph Lauren dress that she buys for $599 costs around $18 to make, because she understands the various additional costs going into bringing a product to the retail marketplace.