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David Perry

A shocking proposal: Longer warranties

June 23, 2009

Here’s a novel thought: Let’s lengthen mattress warranties.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Why should we stop at 20-year and 30-year warranties when we can offer lifetime warranties? And why should we stop at lifetime warranties when we can offer legacy warranties that can be handed down from father to son and from mother to daughter?

I mean, we stand behind our products don’t we? Don’t we think we are making better beds today than ever before? So why not just amp the warranties up to the max?

There is a method to my apparent madness with these questions. It is this: We have repeatedly called on producers to offer
shorter mattress warranties. We have taken plenty of heat for that stance, but it is one that represents a more honest
approach with consumers and will help our industry sell more beds in the long run, we believe.

But a bad thing has happened since we’ve gotten on our shorter warranty kick: Warranties have actually gotten longer. One company went from 15 years to 20. Another went up to 30 years on some lines. I hear that some lifetime warranties are in the works. So my shorter warranty crusade has had the very opposite effect of what I have been advocating.

Thus I’m trying a new strategy. Let’s make mattress warranties longer!

(Note: I’m not serious, of course. But if I have to advocate longer warranties to get shorter ones, I’ll do that.)