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Ray Allegrezza

Reach out and sell someone....gently

January 29, 2009

Let’s face it–today’s economy has most consumers up nights worrying about jobs, mortgages, college tuition and just about everything else that has a price tag attached to it.

It’s no wonder that with all that tension, consumers have kept a death grip on their disposable income.

So, how do you get consumers to open those fists, especially in times like these?

I think you find ways to reassure them. Make them exhale. Make them relax and give them some security cushion to soften the blow fromt the economic reality.

Automaker Hyundai is looking to drive sales and give consumers an emotional airbag with a new campaign  that promises shoppers that if they buy a new Hyundai and lose their job within a year, they can return the car.

I guess you could call that ‘motorvating.’

What do you think?