From A Rep's Perspective

Mike Root

Happy Birthday Announcement

October 11, 2013

Here's a fun fact, the Federal Tax Code turned 100 years old this month. It was signed into law on October 3, 1913 by President Wilson. The official rate was 1% of taxable income after exemptions and deductions. The surtax ranged from 1% to 6% on income in excess of $500,000. Only about 1% of all households paid any tax at all. Ah, the good old days.

Another Birthday this year is that of our firm Furniture Sales of Mid-America as we celebrate 50 years of selling furniture. I would like to tell we have grown as rapidly as the Federal Tax Code but that would be impossible. We do however get up every day and sell furniture in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states so we can pay taxes.

My father Emmet who will celebrate somewhere around his 110th North Carolina market next week is a testament to what a great profession the furniture industry can be if love what you do. He's still going strong and his enthusiasm has actually convinced my son, his grandson, to pursue a career in furniture. Jay will be joining us at market so now there will be three generations of Roots representing at market. Maybe the next generation can get us to the 100 year mark, but still probably not as big as the Federal Tax Code.

High Point market is a great time to have a family reunion even if you are not related like we are. We see old friends we've known for years and meet new people who share the common interest of being part of the home furnishings industry.

I always try and take in at least one new event, seminar, or walk by new spaces to see how the rest of the industry operates. It may or may not have application for what I sell, but I always learn something.

The upcoming High Point market is a great chance to network in our industry. Change all around opens up doors to opportunities we might not otherwise see if we don't get out of our regular routines. Look in new places this week for trends, upstarts that are unique or innovative, and phoenixes that arise for failed business models. You might just catch that wave that will propel your business to the next level or the next quarter century.

Hope to see you next week in High Point.


PS. If you are a rep, be sure and stop by the IHFRA offices in the basement of the Main Building and say "Hi" to Jennifer and Kathy. If you are not a member, they told me they have a market week only special new member deal. Join during market and you will get 15 months for the price of 12. Essentially you will join for 2014 but get the rest of 2013 for FREE. You can get the new rep pin that allows you to speed through the market lines, you get all the office supply & travel discounts, all the seminars, and all kinds of other benefits of the 1800 member association plus three months new member free signing bonus. It's a BARGAIN at any price.