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Mike Root

Congratulations to IHFRA

January 10, 2014

2013 marked a remarkable year for the industry's only sales rep organization. This year was the first time we surpassed the 1800 member mark in over two decades... In other words, this is the largest membership in the 21st century!!!

Think about it, 1800 members strong. This really helps provide services for guys and gals out traveling, managing their sales organizations and learning new technologies that are important for being proficient in this connected business world.

And we're just getting started.

Since the recession IHFRA has been helping reps better manage their businesses. And in spite of a decrease in reps overall, the growth of IHFRA shows just how important the organization has become for helping reps. Well done IHFRA and in particular Kathy Parks and Jennifer Sova who did a remarkable job of managing the organization.

I tell you all this because if you would like to be considered for an opening we will have this spring on the IHFRA Executive Committee, we would like to hear from you. Send a note referencing this column to and ask for more info on the Executive Committee.

And if by chance you have not seen the light to become a member or want more information, this is the perfect time of year to join...right before the Las Vegas market. Ask for information on membership at

It's a great trade association doing good things for the members. Congratulations IHFRA on your century high milestone.

Happy and Prosperous New Year everyone.