From A Rep's Perspective

Mike Root

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

December 27, 2013

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates (c. 470 BC - 399 BC) spoke these words that are still very relevant to the human experience even today.

This time of year is a perfect time of year for me to become somewhat introspective and examine my business and my life in general.

Professionally there are obvious ways to review 2013 results - both by factory and by customer, and consider what I would like to accomplish next year.

What did we do right?

Where could we have been better?

What opportunities can we expect to come in 2014?

Where are we going to have to go in order to improve on last year?

For me, sitting still is not an option so there are always places for improvement. Is it a new customer, a new vertical, a new line, new territory or all of the above that will allow us to grow?

But I'll also take a personal inventory of my life. One of the programs I use is from Gary Ryan Blair, the Goals Guy (check out his free report at

Here are some of the questions Gary challenges us with.

Do you have a clear sense of where you are going and how you will get there?

Are you living the life you imagined, or just going through the motions?

What are your proudest accomplishments since the beginning of the year?

What important contributions have you made to your work, family and the community where you live?

Are you starting fast and finish each day strong?

Are you maintaining focus and following one course until successful?

Are you using deadlines to maximize your performance?

Are you using speed as a unique competitive advantage?

Is your behavior worth modeling? Does it inspire excellence?

Are each of your choices taking you closer to your goals?

Have you been ASKING your way to success?

What have you done to enhance and improve your reputation?

Are you beginning each day with a written plan? If so, are you following it?

Have you focused on simple strategies, simple solutions and simple methods for obtaining results?

In what ways have you been going the extra mile? For whom and how often?

Are your commitments being honored and your promises being kept?

Are you consistently driven by a strong sense of urgency?

In what ways have you exercised greater discipline and self-control?

Does your work and daily actions demonstrate a commitment to excellence?

Have you displayed passion and enthusiasm in your work and home life?

Are you deliberately growing your network of contacts?

Are you doing everything you can to make this the best year of your life?

If you passed today, would you be proud of the legacy you are leaving behind?

Great questions that challenge me (and hopefully you) to set a path for 2014 and make it my best year ever --- both professionally and personally.

How about you? Is 2014 going to be your best ever? This is the time to plant those seeds.

Ask the questions, and develop a plan of excellence. Use resources like Gary Ryan Blair, (, Brian Tracey, Tom Hopkins, Nido Quebein or other motivators to build on what you have developed to become the best you can be.

Let's hope that when 2014 ends, we can all look back and say it was the best ever, and we can set 2015 goals all that much higher. Good luck and Happy New Year.