From A Rep's Perspective

Mike Root

It’s Time For Our Semi-Annual Reunion!!!

March 31, 2014

Someplace in the Country I am told it is spring time, which means it must be time for the High Point market.  Though weather is gradually improving, I definitely will be glad when spring actually gets here.  It’s been a long winter for many parts of the country.  Mr. Google weather guy tells me the 10 day forecast is 50’s to 70’s all week with chance of rain a few days.  A rain coat is a whole lot better than a winter coat, so I’ll take it.
Now for the reunion part…
Friday night is the Annual Presidential Gala where we honor a new set of officers for IHFRA.  This year is no exception of talent led by Matt Keepers.  It is a hard working group that will continue the tradition of growth for our organization that the members have come to expect.  I can guarantee you that members save more through the benefits then the cost of dues. 
But more importantly, reps get to meet and network with guys and gals from all over the country who can discuss similar experiences from a shared occupation of the independent sales rep.  I can specifically count one relationship made through IHFRA that was worth six figures.  If you are not a member, come to the annual dinner and meet some of the group.  Call Jennifer Sova at 336-889-3920 for more information about the dinner or about joining IHFRA.
We will also honor Richard Gillespie for the coveted “Rudy” award.  The Deans of IHFRA for distinguished service include Greg Kirk, Harvey Leis, Raymond Haislip, Mark Dilling, and Albert David.  Finally, the chapter of the year is Michigan.  I am told they will be there if the state thaws out in time.
Make sure you wear your IHFRA pins and get the fast pass through market security.
Hope to see you down at market.  Be sure and say “Hi” if you see me rushing from one space or another during market.  Good selling and hopefully we will see you Friday night at dinner.
Mike Root
PS.  Call 336-889-3920 or stop by and see Jennifer and Kathy during market.  Let them know what a good job they are doing because they truly do a great job keeping our organization IHFRA as one of the best values in any industry.