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David Stewart

Are crazy birds running your business?

June 18, 2015

It seemed like the perfect day and the perfect place for an impromptu run. The sidewalks were shaded, the temperature was 78° and I had a few hours to kill before my next MEGA Group USA training workshop. I couldn't ask for more.

I changed clothes and headed out the front door of the hotel. I had only gone about a hundred yards when I felt something nip the back of my head. To my surprise there was huge eagle trying to attack me. (Actually, it was a tiny blue bird but for my prides sake, let's say it was a huge eagle).

Regardless of its size, it was trying to get me. I ran backward for about 100 feet shooing it away and protecting myself from this crazy (and hateful) animal. After a while, the bird gave up and I settled back into my run.

There was only one problem, paranoia set in. Every time I ran under a tree. I would think to myself, “Is another bird about to swoop down and attack me?”

I ended up not running very far and feeling more tired that usual. The entire time, I was looking over my shoulder and wondering what was lurking in the next tree instead of focusing on task at hand, running.

It can be easy for us to run our business the same way. One customer ambushes us and we start to believe that every customer may do the same thing. Every customer is out to get me, we tell ourselves.

Instead of RUNNING our business we spend our time looking over our shoulder waiting for the next issue to appear. Or, we get caught off guard by a dishonest employee and begin spending our time wondering who will pull the wool over our eyes next.

Even though I had an encounter with a crazy bird, it was the exception, not the rule.

Most birds don’t want to kill me. Most of your customers don’t want to attack you and most of your employees aren’t dishonest.

Don’t let a couple crazy birds distract you from running your business and finishing what you have set out to do.

Run your race.

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