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Bill McLoughlin

The time is now for Leadership

September 21, 2015

Last month I offered the first preview of our upcoming Leadership Conference, to be held December 1-3 at the Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort in Naples, Fla.

If you haven’t already started thinking about attending, now is the time. Tomorrow will be here before you know it, which is the point of this year’s conference theme, “Furnishing the Needs of Tomorrow’s American Family, Today.”

From the emerging Millennial generation to changes in the composition and design of American homes and households, the changes we think of as thoughts for the future are here now, and the decisions you make today will resonate throughout your business for years to come. In addition to our keynote speaker Curt Steinhorst, who will provide new insight into the diversity, not the uniformity, of the Millennial generation, this year’s event will offer a new look at the changing face of the American family.

Market research specialist Marsha Everton of AIMsights will reveal 12 key trends that will shape the creation of successful products, businesses and marketing strategies in the furniture industry. Everton points out for example, that in 1960 nearly half (23 million) of the 57 million U.S. households were married couples with children. Today that number is still 23 million. However, there are over 123 million households in the U.S. today.

All the growth in the number of households has been in other types of households beyond the so-called “ideal” family. The definitions of “home” and “family” have changed. Marketing to the new “family” for the new “home” must also change.

Even traditional views of Baby Boomers are changing. They are living longer and remaining active longer, with post-retirement runways that will be the longest in consumer history. The implications for consumer goods marketing will be profound.

Stephen Reily, founder of, a community of over 100,000 women age 45 and up — the most powerful purchasers and influencers in our society today — will offer research conducted exclusively for Furniture/Today on how this powerful demographic thinks about and shops for furniture.

This is just some of what you will find when you attend our Leadership Conference in December.

Don’t wait to sign up. Tomorrow will be here sooner than you think.

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