Thomas Lester

#MattressTags: How to sleep better

March 25, 2016


Improved sleep through better positioning

It's better. Really. How do you sleep? Are you one of those folks who falls asleep on your back? On your side? Which side? Did you know that certain positions are better for sleeping? Thanks to this blog post from Sleep Train, now you do. 




 More than a midnight snack

Om Nom NomWe've all been there: You didn't get a good night's sleep the night before and you're ravenously hungry. Next thing you know, there are fast food wrappers, an empty bag of potato chips and two empty cans of soda at your feet. What if there was a scientific reason for this experience? The Wall Street Journal takes a look at why we eat more after sleeping poorly.


Side note: Avoid sleeping in bears' homes

Work out to wind down

What do Super Mario and mattresses have in common?

 This is a call for #MattressTags

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