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#MattressTags: How to set a world record

July 29, 2016


A new world record

A record that kept falling...and falling

The chain had 2016 participants. Guinness confirmed the July 23 human/mattress domino chain that included 2016 participants as a world record.
On July 23 in Wuhan City, a new Guinness World Record was set for the longest human/mattress chain of toppled dominoes.

Ayd Home Furnishings teamed with Chinese mattress maker Stylution and the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises to put on the event, which coincided with the retailer's 24th anniversary. Following the festivities, Stylution donated 300 mattresses to a local charity that helps people affected by flooding.

In all, there were 2016 people strapped to mattresses in a 4 kilometer chain that wrapped multiple times around a shopping mall. It bested the previous record, of around 1,200 participants, set four months ago by Aaron's.

According the Guinness, the human mattress dominoes took 14 minutes 47 seconds from start to finish. 

Trust them, they're doctors

No $$$s in ZZZs


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