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#MattressTags: Making memories

August 19, 2016


Better sleep=sharper memory

Have you ever wondered why a day after getting a poor night's sleep you have trouble remembering things? A report from New Scientist takes a look at the theory that sleep is actually the brain's way of "defragmenting" after a long day. Giulio Tononi, of the University of Wisconsin, studied this theory in lab mice and discovered that there were differences in the size of synapses (or connections between brain cells). So in addition to the many other reasons to sell a better night's sleep, don't forget the smart story.

School days, not school daze

BusAll across the country, kids are either already back in school or preparing to get back to the world of teachers, books and homework assignments. Here's an article from the Huffington Post that offers a few back-to-school sleep tips for ensuring those youngsters are the most prepared they can be each morning.

Reasons to rest

Sleeping on the lead

Because sleeping in=awesome

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