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Bill McLoughlin

An open letter to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

June 15, 2017

Dear Mr. Bezos,

It has become increasingly apparent that is intent on becoming a major player in the furniture business. For the better part of the past two years, our editors have run into your representatives at industry trade events as they scoured the country seeking converts to your platforms.

Most recently, one of our editors attended a meeting of furniture industry retailers in which Amazon’s representatives announced plans to eliminate your national delivery requirement for furniture sellers in an effort to draw local furniture stores into the Amazon marketplace. You may have seen that story or a follow up by CNBC, which credited (or blamed, depending on your perspective) our report for temporarily causing a decline in Wayfair’s stock price.

Our industry sources have shared myriad stories with us of your effort to bring furniture retailers and manufacturers into the Amazon fold. We’ve followed closely reports of Amazon building warehouses and logistics capabilities capable of providing the same furniture delivery experience that it provides in so many other consumer product segments.

Through all of this effort Amazon has seemingly sought to maintain a low profile, never quite confirming while not quite denying the company’s interest in the furniture business. Every day Amazon’s appetite for the furniture business moves up the list of the industry’s worst kept secrets.

Might we suggest a different approach?

If you are truly interested in building a successful furniture business, one that encompasses all this industry has to offer, why not come out and say so? Why not outline your plan and solicit the feedback of this venerable industry’s most knowledgeable leaders?

To help you accomplish exactly that, we would like to extend you a personal invitation to address the furniture industry — unfiltered — at the Furniture Today Leadership Conference, Nov. 28-30, at the Four Seasons Resort in Orlando, Fla. This event draws more than 600 of the furniture industry’s most knowledgeable, experienced and successful leaders.

There is no faster, easier or more direct route to convey your message to the leaders of the furniture industry.

In 2014, Wayfair co-founder Niraj Shah received an award as an Industry Innovator at this event. In accepting the award he credited Furniture Today with helping the company gain credibility in furniture business during its early years. Wayfair has been a consistent participant at this and other industry events, and the company’s success in the home furnishings business speaks for itself.

There is no reason Amazon could not and should not have a similar position within the industry.

We invite you to come and share your vision with the industry.

Respectfully yours,

Bill McLoughlin

Editor in Chief

Furniture Today