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Energize your living room with one of these 5 bold sofa colors

October 9, 2017

By Lisa Batson Goldberg, Houzz

Bold color might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to interior design. Yet for those of us who are drawn to color, choosing a vibrant-hued sofa might be just what we need to create a beautiful and enjoyable living space.

sofa color 1Douglas Graneto Design, original photo on Houzz

When it comes to infusing color into your design, the sofa is a great place to start. This single piece of furniture can instantly transform the look and feel of a room.

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If you’re thinking a bold sofa is too big a step, check out some of these images and tips before you rule it out. Maybe you’ll find a colorful look that’s right for you.

Here are five colors to consider, and a few tips and tricks on how to use them in your space.

1. Blue

If you’re just starting to develop a tolerance for color in home design, a blue couch might be the perfect entry point.

Blue is a color most people feel comfortable with, as it’s generally thought of as more traditional and calming.

Deep, rich and vibrant blues are one of my go-tos for adding color through furniture.

There are so many lush and beautiful blues to choose from for a sofa. The richer the tone, the bigger the impact, so I often encourage my clients to go bold.

Blue is also highly versatile when it comes to color pairing. That means that, depending on the shade, it goes well with neutral shades and natural materials and looks incredible when complemented by almost any other vibrant tone.

Pro tip: Couches upholstered in velvet add a whole new level of luxury and comfort. Purchasing your sofa (or having it custom made) in a rich and vibrant velvet can make an otherwise simple room feel much more luxurious.

sofa color 2Black Lacquer Design, original photo on Houzz

Inspiration: With this structured sofa, the pairing of royal blue with a simple striped rug and white design accents creates a stunning, contemporary statement.

2. Pink

If you’re looking to create a more relaxed and happy home, pink might be your solution. As a designer, I find it never fails to create a more joyful, inspired and energized space.

You can go for soft and subtle, pale and pretty, or bright and energized. Regardless of the shade, a pink sofa can’t help but inject a cheerful vibe.

A soft, pale pink creates a soothing, airy and even whimsical feel. While we might tend to think of pairing it with lighter, pastel or more neutral tones, it’s actually highly versatile and goes beautifully with vibrant colors, especially jewel tones.

Brighter pinks feel energized and lighthearted and create a warm, lovely and inviting space. They go well with white, black and gray. They also look gorgeous when complemented by pastels and they work with many bright colors — even red!

sofa color 3

Inspiration: This bright and infectious pink sofa adds depth and character to the contemporary living room. Because it’s paired with a more neutral palette, it stands out as the centerpiece of the space.

3. Green

If you’re looking to feel calmer and cozier at home, think green for your sofa. Because we associate this color with the natural world, it helps us feel more relaxed and at ease when used in the home.

Emerald green is one of my all-time favorite colors when it comes to a vibrant sofa. It feels rich and luxe, and combines more traditional style with a contemporary feel.

Emerald green goes well with other vibrant colors — pink, blue and yellow — and looks particularly striking with white and black.

sofa color 4Brendan Wong Design, original photo on Houzz

Inspiration: This dreamy living space is made all the more glorious by the traditional tufted sofa in a vibrant green. The floor-to-ceiling windows also invite the outdoors in and connect the lush sofa with the natural surroundings. You could say it’s enough to make a design lover green with envy.

4. Purple

Purple might be the last thing that comes to mind when choosing a sofa, but I’ve always found it to be an underrated color in design. Purple has been having a resurgence, though, which I think shows it’s a more refined and design-savvy choice than many think.

While a certain amount of bravery is required to choose a purple sofa, it can be the ideal color if you’re looking to add richness, character and a bit of a statement in your home.

Purple is a mix of red (a warm color) and blue (a cool color), which means that, depending on its tone, it falls somewhere in the middle of the temperature spectrum. A paler, cooler purple will achieve a light, easygoing and playful feel.

A darker, jewel-toned purple will create a warm, comfortable and luxurious effect.

Purple goes well with white, black and many other colors, such as pink, yellow, green and blue. It also looks richest when paired with natural materials such as wood.

sofa color 5Alexander Owen Architecture, original photo on Houzz

Inspiration: The pale purple couch stands out in this bright living space. Its pairing with more neutral-toned walls and floors creates a sleek and streamlined feel. The overall design is finished off with playful accent pieces.

5. Yellow

Yellow has come a long way in the world of design. Today there’s no shortage of beautiful and inspiring shades to add energy and life to a space.

Modern-day yellows are far from boring. They come in vibrant sunshine yellow, soft and lovely buttercup and contemporary mustard shades, to name just a few.

Yellow looks sleek and clean with neutrals such as white and black. You can also pair it with bright colors such as coral, blue and green. The more colorful options will amplify the room’s energy and make the space that much more yours.

sofa color 6Rikki Snyder, original photo on Houzz

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Inspiration: This contemporary sofa in a mustard tone definitely makes a statement. The choice to pair it with neutrals amplifies the impact, putting all the attention on the eye-catching piece.